Engaging piece

Crack of the Skull


Grace me with the sound of my name leaving your lips.

Give me a chance to imagine you as mine. Let me wear

your name like a suit of armor and I swear that I would ride

right into battle without a single fear. Listen to me whisper

to you because you like the intimacy of hushed tones and

skin met with warm breath. Beating hearts have never beat

this hard before. Comment on how soft my skin is while my

hands get lost in the mane your proudly wear. You are my

alpha male. My lips are your lips. The words I say, the words

I write, the words I sing are all for you. Bleeding hearts should

never beat this hard. My calloused hands have found a home

in your hands. I know I know I know I haven’t even loved you yet.

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      1. It is usually mediocre at best, but thanks! I am trying to branch out and start writing about different things in different tones. I think it is working.

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