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Darlene swung her legs from the arm of her oversized lounge chair and planted her feet on the floor.  She squinted and leaned closer to the window but still didn’t recognize either of the suited men exiting the black Lincoln parked in front of her house.

“Amy, I have to go,” she whispered into the phone.

“What’s wrong, you sound-“

“I’ll call you later.”  Darlene ended the call.  She watched the men briskly make their way to her door and ring the bell.  She didn’t bother to answer.  Maybe they’ll just go away.  Even as she thought it, she knew that wouldn’t happen.

Darlene didn’t understand how her life got so messy.  When she stood at the altar and said “I do” without her daddy’s blessing eight years ago, she knew it would be hard but never imagined her life’s path would lead here; barely alive inside and out with a…

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