Do read this post please, even if you believe in God like I do.

From an other-wise-sane perspective

(my comment-response to a post which stated that God must exist because life cannot be a formation of random acts)

and then when the actions or realities add up to poor leadership or poor decisions by God — we are faced with having a lesser intelligence ‘in charge’ or an evil entity. those are the choices. even in the balance of things, and also in future fallouts and endeavors, it is pretty easy to map the strings and consequences of poor ends. (most initiated by evil men and also NOT countermanded by any benevolent deity or paranormal force) in that, most assuredly those observational and clearly relevant realites converge to a reason that states: IF “someone” is in “charge” —“they” are either stupid(ignorant and making mistakes unknowingly and unmeaning.) or evil.

in the grand scheme of things …. to judge one’s “God” as not such a great character is a…

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