Do read this post please, even if you believe in God like I do.

From an other-wise-sane perspective

(my comment-response to a post which stated that God must exist because life cannot be a formation of random acts)

and then when the actions or realities add up to poor leadership or poor decisions by God — we are faced with having a lesser intelligence ‘in charge’ or an evil entity. those are the choices. even in the balance of things, and also in future fallouts and endeavors, it is pretty easy to map the strings and consequences of poor ends. (most initiated by evil men and also NOT countermanded by any benevolent deity or paranormal force) in that, most assuredly those observational and clearly relevant realites converge to a reason that states: IF “someone” is in “charge” —“they” are either stupid(ignorant and making mistakes unknowingly and unmeaning.) or evil.

in the grand scheme of things …. to judge one’s “God” as not such a great character is a…

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“On my way to being me”…. Very original

sahedgewitch's Blog

Waterfall cascading over the rocks below,

Thundering down with fierce fast flow.

Washing away the debris and grime.

Cleansing and nurturing that which is mine.

Tumbling over to spill and deluge.

For the evil within there can be no refuge.

A rainbow of colours bent on exploding.

Dispersing all the grief stored into eroding.

All is now flowing free

I am on my way to being me.

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I love the personal twist

probably arts and words and nature and people and things

Have you heard the tale of Janet Bell
who never felt so free
as when at her piano
and she played incessantly?

She always smiled and sat up straight
and played in F or C
for she would play in nothing but
a joyful major key

She tossed her hair and played with flair
and people would decree
that she should carry on forever
oh so joyously

She played so well, Miss Janet Bell
until one day, you see
Something awful happened
that I think you would agree

would make her sob and want to stop
her playing completely


the piano was tuned
and what she knew to be C
became B


and everything was strange and out of order and dark and wounded and and wrong wrong all wrong and miss janet bell screamed in fright but her fingers were like glue to the keys and…

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Interesting perspective

A Rhythm Runs Through It

Why We Should Memorize

Do you have any favorite poems memorized? Or do you intend, down the road, to memorize works that really inspire you?

This a great article from The New Yorker on the history of memorization of verse and why we all should continue to do it in the present:

Why We Should Memorize Poetry

After reading the article, I am making a concerted effort to fully commit to memory both Because I could not stop for Death by Emily Dickinson and The Kiss by Anne Sexton; because they are my poetic heroines, these are two of my favorite works of theirs, and I had completely memorized both works at one time in the past. I do have Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge memorized (and have since adolescence), because it has an Indiana Jones feel, and the images continue to be very vivid to me to this day.

I also believe…

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