Oh mother earth….. The beautiful rich pool rotting away


A stagnant pond lie in an empty glade,

Where greens and blues of life did fade,

No life stirring a single drop,

Just empty and stale from bottom to top,

The trees and grass around it dead,

Long ago the last animals fled,

And deserted this empty broken pond,

Fowl and fishes did too abscond,

From this worthless derelict pool,

Where emptiness, death, and sicknesses rule,

The endless vitality soon forgot,

And this still stagnant pool was left to rot.

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Nice piece…. I liked it very much


He started out with so much space.  The room was huge from want of stuff.  But when you’re born what do you own, except your life and mother’s love?  From there he went on to gain things, some toys and friends to help him grow, and words to help him understand the world the kind old sun did know.

At school his head was filled with facts and dates that marked the world’s mistakes.  He played some games and took some tests.  He went on dates and wore a vest.

The boy grew into a young man, his life shaped into hatching plans.  He traveled far and wide, found love, lost faith, bought time, and picked up tips on how to live from people he’d remember later when he was older, and alone, back in his house, with wife and children running wild, loud music on, windows throbbing, his pulse…

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I rarely reblog a piece for just one line…. I just did for this line: “Nakedness involves unveiling the truth, laying it bare before the world and defending it.”

Going Beyond Belief

Nothing is more intrinsically naked than a baby’s soft, round bottom. Following thoughts of the 2013 One Word, Naked, I am unable to avoid the topic of abortion. And it is timely, as today, January 25, 2013 is the 40th Annual March for Life here in Washington D.C.

So much deception and confusion buries the simple fact that abortion takes a life. Lies about viability, safety, cost, options and more, prevent many women from making a truly informed decision. But truth is available. I recently learned about a couple of resources that I believe are important to share.

No one can accuse Carol Everett of being ignorant or uninformed. After having an abortion, she found herself later working in a clinic. She has experienced both the personal pain of an abortion and the lucrative income it can provide. But God demanded her attention in a startling way, and she walked away…

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You wish….

I'd rather be hiking

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One night thieves went to a certain hermit.

“We came to take your things,” they said to him viciously.

Without losing composure, he said to them, “Come in and take whatever you like.”

They emptied his poor hut of every last thing and left hurriedly. They forgot, however, to take a small flask that was hanging from a beam of the roof. The hermit took it down and, running behind the robbers, shouted for them to listen and to stop.

“Come back, brothers, to take this too.” And he showed them from afar the small flask.

They were amazed by his forgiving nature and returned, not to take the flask, but to offer repentance and to return all of his things.

“This is, indeed, a man of God,” they said among themselves.

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Enlightening piece….

I'd rather be hiking

Having just read aloud Shakespeare’s The Two Gentlemen of Verona, I want to see if I can see God in it, or at least the three parts of humanity, made in God’s image. Julia must be the heart, Sylvia the mind, and Proteus the body. Valentine could also be a heart (duh), but Julia’s is nobler.

Proteus is the body out of order (heart should come before mind and body) because he is directed by his earthly senses. His rationale for betraying his lady, Julia, and his best friend, Valentine, is thus:

“Julia I lose and Valentine I lose.
If I keep them, I needs must lose myself;
If I lose them, thus find I by their loss:
For Valentine, myself; for Julia, Silvia.
I to myself am dearer than a friend,
For love is still most precious in itself,
And Silvia – witness heaven that made her fair!…

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