Night is night but day must break….. A bold piece denouncing a cowardly act.

The silent tears she cries

Night after night

Looks down at her scars and bruises

Questions herself “Why? Why me?
I know I do not deserve this!”

Wants a way out

But it too naïve and thinks its love


She stays punch after punch

Kick after kick

Insult after insult

Because of the thought of “love”


She doesn’t realize her value

Her power

Her strength

She gets up after every knock down

Thinking it’s the last

But the next one comes in just a blink of an eye


Her kids watch

Her friends know

They see that she is physically drained

Emotionally damaged

No longer laughs

Is no longer herself

She tries to deny it

But it is so evident

She is unhappy

But puts on a mask

Thinking it will all be ok


She thinks

“Is it really love when my only gain

Is to…

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Dawns always feel fresh


A cold morning today. Diamond frost scintillates in the low light. Breath billowing out in clouds. Chill in the air. But a beautiful dawning. Gentle rush of the waves,and cry of a gull. Colours enhanced in the clear air. Snowy headlands merge into blushing sea. A fresh awakening.

blushing sea


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“Smiling is an act of charity”


No longer can I feign

In the pain of this routine;

Important matters matter not

When the priority is to entertain.


When will we seize the slumber?

Guard injustices at our door?

When will breezes bleed from thunder?

As whims whisper evermore.


Yet smiles to all outsiders,

For such expressions are of charity,

Forever remains a hope inside that

All will awaken, from this insanity.



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sleep is like death, only it breathes

Start With Your Pen

How often we hear

The extent of our lives that we spend

Unconscious, and asleep.

We do nothing in this time

But let our minds go.

We can try and fight our falling lids

But it is a battle we cannot win.

Even when our lives become

So busy,

And we just need more time;

Our lids still fall

As we cannot even function if we do not


How ironic it is

That we must spend a third of our time asleep

To spend any of our time at all.

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You just might have a good idea about why you don’t really know me here

Diary of a Plain, Awkward Girl

So, good news.
I recently got a job writing.
Well, not like a “job” job.
It’s not paid, and lots of others write for it as well, but, hey, they liked my sample and picked me for their team.
Funnily enough, the sample I sent them was “I’m Not Good with PDA”.
I didn’t know how it would go over when I submitted it, but apparently the editor likes my writing style.

I became far more excited than the situation warranted when I received my congratulatory e-mail.
In other words, I freaked out and jumped around my room silently, as I didn’t want to alert the others in the building to my oddities.
One problem – I left my door open.
The girl across the hall happened to be walking by just as I was in mid-celebration and saw the whole shin-dig.
She laughed awkwardly and quickly walked…

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