Reasonably simple

Ramzi Suleiman

Because things cannot be complete

 without their shadows,

God created the candles

And the glittering lamps

on the water’s surface


Because the sea surface rises up

and collapses Down,

like a lover’s chest

Because lover’s sighs

stumble one after another

like the sea waves,

God created the moon


Because the Earth

does not stop spinning,

in search of its rendezvous

God created the hours

and asked them

to look after the minutes and the seconds,

and because, usually, appointments

choose their appointees,

God spared chance


Because the pomegranate tree

keeps its vows,

and the full chestnut

yearns for its self,

God created the earth


Because the night holds its grip

On the day’s sleeves

Like a blind man

clinching his hand on his cane,

Because the day

Throws the remnants of its light

And slips underneath the evening’s gown

God created the opposites


Because nothing…

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