I like that…. ‘Growing separately without growing apart.’

Vagenda Vixen


Moments of growing up

Toddlers to teens, teens to adults.

Where did all our time go?

Girl to woman, woman to Mum.

How we got this old I just don’t know.

Tricycle to Bike, Barbie’s to make-up.

Do you remember how fun it once was?

Make-up to boys, Cinema to sex.

Our favorite word was because.

Minutes to hours, Hours to minutes.

The happiest times pass too quick.

Grins to laughter, laughter to tears,

The best memories always stick.

Pounds to notes, tens to thousands.

We wanted so much to get rich?

Thousands to hundreds, pounds to pennies.

But girl, isn’t life such a bitch!

First love to last love, last love to first.

Falling in love was a dream.

Cuddles to kisses, kisses to love

It weren’t all as bad as it seemed.

Walking to running, running to flying.

Why do we rush oh so much?

Talking to crying…

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