Misspelling and not punctuating left and right,
Even books don’t give the freedom of a poet.


Was a love I couldn’t control

Washed up tears, aggressively stole

Running through trees

Rose bushes and oceans abound

Lost in time that had such a beautiful sound

Leave me to dream

Denial hates to be  found

Playing between the sheets, blankets, pillows and all

Hearing the voices but never once answering to its call

Please wake me from this forbidden craft

That hides itself fully

Behind religious mask

The lust and betrayal

Well, it’s really hard to tame

And it could never be the same

Because sensations knows my name

From past games

I know there are many ways to avoid

Such gut wrenching pain

Love is really powerful

And can drive the strongest king insane

Pleasurable pain

Strong enough to awaken the most forbidden sin

Love will stir your heart up

Take it back

Strengthen it

Only to begin the madness again

Put me back together

Because I’ve…

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