sound frightfully so lewd.
swift scheme hardly new,
for good cheats daring who?

EnigmA Jade Sky

you don’t know what it’s like, living inside my head
spending every moment just wishing I was dead
my father calling out to me, saying that he’s here
but nothing close enough to touch, and thats just what I fear

please, brain, shut up…..

each day i wonder if i have any worth at all
if i died right here right now, would you hear me fall
if i free the blood from deep within my veins
would you care more for me or about all the stains

please, brain, stop it…

I try so hard to not give up, to hold my head up high
but misery gets the best of me, and makes me want to die
reasoning why i am here, i can’t make any sense
am i too fucking smart, or am i just too dense

please, brain, give up…

words of pitty seem so kind…

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