Silence speaks

Lucid Gypsy

Silence can be found

in the noisiest place

if only you seek.

There is gold  right here

shining through waiting for you

you can just reach out.

Love waits for you now

pure everlasting caring

ask it will be yours.

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The Inevitable

The inevitable indeed

Silent Scatterbrain

O death don’t claim me yet
For there’s a tiny hand that needs to be held
Your arrival quickens my heart
And wets my eyes
Will i be leaving my sweet one all alone
Who will wipe her tears?
O death you patiently wait
I feel your lingering stare
Look away just for a minute
Let me fix her hair
Give me a day, o whose list m surely on
She needs me to tickle her
My baby, my girl
I never wish to leave you
Be strong, I cant be
Be strong, help me
O death, let me quench her thirst
Hurry my child, come rest on me
How can i leave you
In this world so cruel
Stay back, O death, stay back for a minute
Let me hold her… let me hold her..forever and ever

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So painful

‘We stand with the mothers and fathers who weep’…. May your pain cry out to us and those you haven’t experienced it, so there is a collected effort to ensure no one experiences it again.

Dom DiFrancesco


By D. R. DiFrancesco


To rationalize this cycle of unfettered hate

Would only lend credence to the insane

The innocence of children left to a horrible fate

Snuffed out by a killer’s reasons arcane


We weep for them, for what we have lost

A future taken in an instant never to grow up

Never to have know them, an insurmountable cost

Terrible and tragic their loss we never can make up


We light our candles and say a prayer

Hoping their Maker greets them with open arms

For all we can do is stand united and show them that we care

While trying to figure out how to protect others from Satan’s harm


Who could have known or perhaps have foretold

What tragedy would await these children so pure

Our own  we’ll pull close and tightly hold

To be confident they safe I am sure


Thou shalt…

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