There is always a first……. This is the first song I reblogged here.


Master Of Disaster

(verse one)

You say it’s time to go now
You don’t mean what you say
I see it in your quiet eyes
Tears streaming away

You’re headed off to a better place
A place for joy, for better things
To touch the sky and go beyond
To reach out and spread your wings

Smile for me, be my reason to go on…


Don’t say goodbye
Don’t say goodbye
I’ll see you somewhere down that road again

We’ve got to try
Oh, don’t say goodbye
Our love will work to ease the pain

(Verse two)

Think of all the moments
That we’ve had, or yet to make
All the joys, the secrets
All the nights spent wide awake

We created many memories
See those pictures on the wall
Faces bright and smiling
Together one and all

Smile for me; create an everlasting moment…

(repeat chorus)

What we had was…

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