Dragonish: The Truth, Maybe the Truth, and Why are you Asking?

Enthralling piece

The Rag Tree



Dragons are a litigious sort. What with the effort to improve inter-species relations and reduce general carnage, our scaled friends have gone overboard on the peaceful resolution of problems. Even the Big Dragon has taken a hand, in his peruke and gown, issuing opinions on everything from the best way to pickle Etruscan salamis to who has the right to land on his meticulously maintained lawns.

As usual, the Dragons of Grammar have gotten themselves involved in the matter. It turns out that Dragonish, both High and Heroic, has something called grammatical Evidentiality, which helps listeners evaluate the truthfulness of statements. The DoGs are trying to refine and perfect the system…


People have always been expected to sort out the truthfulness of what they’re being told, and there are many indirect ways of judging this, e.g., through body language. But some spoken languages require their speakers…

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The Ornament

nice……. love the pregnant picture of the words

IRISH FIREBRANDS: A Novel ~ and Other Works by Christine Plouvier, Indie Author

reach out,
spin meanings into
sentences knit into scenes:
dialogue here, description there,
while chapters collect and connect;
sometimes push, sometimes pull, as
the path of the plot becomes clear,
and the peak comes into view…
whereupon a book appears,
a work of art wrought
from thought – a
life put into

© 2013 Christine Plouvier

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Visit to Auschwitz and Birkenau, 5 January 2013

I wonder why we still refer to them as concentration camps?
These were extermination camps.

Anonymous Woman

The end of the line

Bent trees emerge like painful growths from brown earth
Where patches of snow still lie
In proof that this is

What I thought of as my self
Vanishes to a cloud
In the grey sky
A mystery

This is true emptiness
Sucked out from the inside
Hollow, faceless

The crimes that were committed here are horrors
For which I have no words
Nor understanding

The true miracle
Is that any living being survived

And yet some defied
The lice
The rats
The cold
Mass extermination

And some escaped

Who were these people
Of whom remains
A pile of shoes
A heap of hair
Baby clothes
Suitcases carefully inscribed
With addresses
To which few would ever return?

Stand still and you can feel the beating hearts
Of all who lived and died here
In the dark chamber
Breathe in the walls

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Pain, Rage and Heartbreak

They tend to flock together, don’t they?
Like all birds of the same feathers do……

Misadventures of a Broken Hearted Girl

The pain flows around her like water

She hides it deeper inside

Pushing it away for the sake of others

She doesn’t know what to do:

How to feel, How to behave.

There are things she wants to say

Things she wants to do

But she feels she doesn’t have the right.

That she shouldn’t feel this way.

It’s all her fault anyway right?

Lines crossed, words said

But at the end of it all,

Is it worth the pain, the trouble?

Is it worth the pain inflicted on all involved?

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Don’t say goodbye

There is always a first……. This is the first song I reblogged here.


Master Of Disaster

(verse one)

You say it’s time to go now
You don’t mean what you say
I see it in your quiet eyes
Tears streaming away

You’re headed off to a better place
A place for joy, for better things
To touch the sky and go beyond
To reach out and spread your wings

Smile for me, be my reason to go on…


Don’t say goodbye
Don’t say goodbye
I’ll see you somewhere down that road again

We’ve got to try
Oh, don’t say goodbye
Our love will work to ease the pain

(Verse two)

Think of all the moments
That we’ve had, or yet to make
All the joys, the secrets
All the nights spent wide awake

We created many memories
See those pictures on the wall
Faces bright and smiling
Together one and all

Smile for me; create an everlasting moment…

(repeat chorus)

What we had was…

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