Either way, we are doomed

fragments 1

there’s a sea of ice

under which we’ll crush

and a sun of gold

under which we’ll melt

a torrent of rain

under which we’ll drown

a tremor of earthquake

under which we’ll smother

yet this earth continues what it has to do

for its inhabitants know not what they do

as we pass the ribbon of rubicon

under the big bold bright balloons

waving a carnival of streamers

of freedoms and liberties

the dopamine of our playground

unable to resist the riptide

stumbling fumbling tumbling

beyond the tipping point

like roller coaster riders

at the apex of the long loud scream

toward silence

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To the Future

Everything happens for a reason & Everything has a season to happen in

Sophia Charlotte Williams

Everything happens for a reason.

Emotions, characters all change as the seasons do

with time, facing forward

to discourage looking behind-its past.

Fall to far back will deprive you of the chance

to do right, history never concludes-

its a trance impossible to break,

forever haunted by innocent mistakes

created by illusion of the mind.

Facing forward, lacks looking behind.

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