And so dusty too

Views from the Edge

In the tropicsDSCF0271

the people know

life is languid:

there is no snow.

Moving, working,

and thinking:  slow.

What’s the hurry?

It will not snow.

Ice is only

inside the drinks;

hockey players

must go to rinks.

Skating, sledding,

and snowman fun–

all is elsewhere.

Icicles:  none.

Brown ground:  dirty,

no change in sight;

nothing ever

becomes all white.

Bugs and kudzu

will swarm and grow:

never winter,

no saving snow…

– Steve Shoemaker, Urbana, IL, January 1, 2013

Note from Views from the Edge:

Prayers on New Year’s Day for 2013 “saving snow” in languid-no-change-in- sight D.C. and the hinterlands.

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