No Snow

And so dusty too

Views from the Edge

In the tropicsDSCF0271

the people know

life is languid:

there is no snow.

Moving, working,

and thinking:  slow.

What’s the hurry?

It will not snow.

Ice is only

inside the drinks;

hockey players

must go to rinks.

Skating, sledding,

and snowman fun–

all is elsewhere.

Icicles:  none.

Brown ground:  dirty,

no change in sight;

nothing ever

becomes all white.

Bugs and kudzu

will swarm and grow:

never winter,

no saving snow…

– Steve Shoemaker, Urbana, IL, January 1, 2013

Note from Views from the Edge:

Prayers on New Year’s Day for 2013 “saving snow” in languid-no-change-in- sight D.C. and the hinterlands.

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It always appears easier to change the rules, but it never is.


Swinging habits…

Good to bad and back to in-between

Shifting personalities…

Demonic to angelic and back to mortal

Trendy fads…

Food to exrercise and then to survival

Moving goals…

Always much easier to move the goalposts

Waning loyalty…

dying friendships as new ones are formed

Being human…

the hardest art form to ever exist

Loving you

The only thing that brought change to me



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