Leaves tell a Tale


As the clouds surround us
and the temperature drops.
As the wind whistles away
and the leaves around us fall.
I ask myself why we can’t
have the same direct effect
on one another.

When you laugh,
I want to chuckle.
When you smile,
I want to giggle.
When I stumble,
I want you to help me up.
When I cry,
I want you to offer me a tissue.

But you don’t notice me.
You seem to have forgotten
all the special moments
we spent together.
Though they weren’t direct,
they were still special to me.

I miss the morning messages
that brought me joy.
I miss the late night messages
in which you would tell me
all of your dreams and goals.

I felt close to you.
And I think you felt the same.

But now, we act like strangers.
No greetings in the halls.
No eye contact during…

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