Death always intrigues

Death intrigues


Death, I welcome thee;
put a crown upon thy head;
appoint thee executioner;
What more dost thou need
from a readied man?

My will is too short,
narrow at the very tip.
Were I to stab out, angry,
I would surely misguide
and falter on my new wound.

And what do I have left
but petty memoirs; blank.
I should not care for thee;
I have never seen thy face.
Not since thy last left.

Did thy love leave thou
or dost thou still dream;
my life in thy merciless hands.
I am far from suicidal,
just struggling to live.

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Who Will Catch You When You Fall!

Real and not, sane and logical


Hands tightly at our sides.

Watching rigidly, nearly blind

A sign of the times

A delusion of calm

In the eye of the storm

While an arms length away

Lives despair and dismay

But we walk without seeing

We believe We are safe

We know without acting

We’re fooled by veneer

While an arm’s length away

Lives despair and dismay.

We could reach out

But our muscles resist

For fear that we might

Catch what we see

Just an arm’s length away.

Who will catch you

When you fall?

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