Christmas in the air

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So here comes Christmas

It’s this time of the year

But please, let it this time

Give us smiles, not tears.


This time of Joy, so mystical

When the Holy stops the Hatred

Give us please a miracle

And return all departed.


Bring back soldiers, fallen

Bring back children, killed…

Make our lives worthwhile,

Our hopes, fulfilled.


We know, this is Christmas

It’s this time of the year

But does He know it with us

And will He stop our fears?




21 December, 2012.

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Ode to some Shit that’s Bad for you

The humor is catchy


You are shiny, and you’re pretty.

When you’re in my throat I love you.

You’re the crunch of glass between my teeth,

and candy on my lap.

And you’re scruffy and you’re lying,

You’re a badger at the baby.

You’re  the journal in the bureau

of Narcissus Daydream Annie.

The emergency release kit that

she rubs into her arms?

You’re the thought that traces all the lines

and reddens up the skin.

You’re the Near-to-Hand, the Up-All-Night,

You’re Glamour in a photo.

Just revisiting the cities on

a badly hand-drawn map.

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Peace Presents

This brings back nice warm memories

Going Beyond Belief

I see the boxes ‘neath a verdant tree,

Of size and corners, of soft and flat.

Of tiny bows and licked envelopes.

Near are socks pinned to the mantle

Empty, gaping, hungry for the treats of Christmas Eve.


One question remains.


Good or bad? Worthy or not?

Will favor extend till Christmas morn?

Or with harsh words or one false step

This bounty quick be shorn?


Tiny, faceless, serene nearby

A wooden manger scene. A Prince of Peace.

One given and never recalled.

Given for liars and lonely, good and bad.

Given a bounty for hearts who will believe.

And behold, a gift again,

Peace on earth, goodwill to men.


This Peace eternal

Not as the world gives. Not for reciprocating or to the worthy.

Not wrapped or hidden

Never retracted.

Peace given.

Peace left.

In a name, in a babe.

Through a Prince who knew…

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