Beautiful & Original

This is beautiful and so original……

Arab Odyssey

I read Plato, Nietzsche and Marx, and I wonder.

I wonder what they would think of our Time’s Man of the Year, or our international agencies, or our peace treaties that do nothing but pause the tears.

I pickup my primary school Bible and put it side by side my Quran, and I wonder.

I wonder what my fellow Muslims would call me for having it in my possession.

“For understanding,” I would tell them, but they wouldn’t understand.

I listen to Mozart and Wagner, and I wonder what they would compose if they were still alive.

A symphony of humming bombs perhaps? Or would they have composed only for our so coveted “awards”? The only thing you should know about awards is that Mozart never won any.

I sit on the train and the child in front of me is playing a video game. He’s pressing uncountable buttons per…

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I will hope and you will dream.

Delightful piece

My mouth should never open

Someday, you won’t remember me.

The color of my eyes

will long be forgotten.

And someday, you won’t know how you loved me.

My face will be nothing

but a shadow in your mind.

Someday, I will still remember you.

I don’t forget,

I don’t want to lose a piece of my life.

And someday, I will still love you.

Your smile as fresh in my mind as

the first day I saw it.

I will hope, that I had dreamed you.

Wish you could be forgotten.

But I won’t.

You will hope, that you had imagined me.

But you will think you had.

That my laugh is just the echos from a dream.

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When Silence Speaks

Honestly….. silence does speak

The Harrowed Heart

Who was Rumi without words, or
Picasso without paint?
How do angels fly
with torn and tattered wings?

What medium exists
to express such bitter angst
when silence comes to visit
the worn and weary heart?

Perhaps my crafted art
finds its true expression
in the still point
of the raging storm.

I face the howling winds
whose raindrops are my own
and clutch my dried up pen
in true but trembling hands.

©Benjamin Hoshour, 2012


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