What claims have dreams, each on its scale?
One solemn day they all see and they fail!

Carroll Bryant

DREAMING MY DREAM – Written by Carroll Bryant


There was a time

When I thought that the world was mine

And all of the girls put together

Would never come close to my heart


Now here today

As I’m holding you softly this way

And all of the words that were spoken

A sentence with no place to start


Who’s dreaming my dream?

Are you really right here with me?

Touching my skin

Letting me in

I find it so hard to believe

You’re dreaming with me

You’re the light that I thought I could see

Even in the darkest of nights

I felt you right here with me

I’m dreaming my dream


Inside of our kiss

The fragrance of love will insist

That we to be so close together

I can’t feel it when we are apart


Now here to stay

As I’m trying…

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The Seine

Every once in a while, you come across that line that holds your imagination longer than the rest.

“The perfect, pretty hopeful sun
Fighting through the clouds”

Just did it for me.

Thirteenth Hour



The Seine


The river coursed its magic—like cheap red wine

In my veins


The golden bridge

The silver sky—

All the while

Threatened rain


And it all looked like a mirror

My image on display

The gritty, ashy holes in me

The perfect, pretty hopeful sun

Fighting through the clouds

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A Sickness

Gripping & forceful

Adventures in Melancholia

It started out so very great,
Then everything came down

A sickness spread across the skin
while mouth began to frown

A pinky hive, a greenish rash
a sickly hue my skin did take

A cry in night, last gasp for breath
and then my body began to shake

My fingernails unfurled to claws
they pierced my flaking hide

My parchment skin was peeling off
all hope within had withered, dried

My mouth began to fill with blood
my tongue was split in two

And from my throat there came a croak
that said nothing but, “imbue.”

The howl I no longer hear,
my ears are falling off my head

But hairs are rising on my neck
and suddenly fur begins to spread

My teeth they punctured both my lips
as I growl, slobber, drool

A haggard muzzle now in place
here to replace this soul: a ghoul.

Suddenly my…

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