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Politically Correct

While hurricane Sandy has taken the spotlight over the past couple of days, Benghazi and the economy have not been completely submerged by the headlining storm. I am sure the left hoped that Sandy would drown the hype that has surrounded Benghazi and the economy to allow Obama to propel past these issues, but unfortunately hurricane Sandy was not effective in dissolving these issues. The American people are concerned about catastrophe caused by hurricane Sandy and recovery is expected, the past four years have not been forgotten. Sandy has given Obama the opportunity to show his dedication to the American people by focusing on the storm versus his campaign, but if you asked me, it is all one in the same. Obama needed this storm to help him recover from the blows that he has taken regarding Benghazi and the economy, but unfortunately, Obama cannot make up for four years…

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Possibly Political

Good day, fellow Americans. I stand before you today as a concerned American citizen; as a member of a wounded and failing generation, and as an educated and empathetic human being set by his personal morals to work toward defining and cultivating a better future, a more honest future. I come to you today, personally deteriorated by the current state of our nation. I am here to enlist your help.

It has become apparent in our most recent history that The United States of America has unfortunately and undoubtedly fallen from its once glorious position as a world leader in industry and social progress; as a land of acceptance and brotherhood among ALL its peoples, and as a beacon of hope for all others. Where we once actively engaged and celebrated intellect and imaginative exploration, we have come to fear and undermine it. Where we once stood by truth and…

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