More than a lot has changed in 4 years & oddly enough, Only Obama & his cohorts are yet to admit it.

More than a lot has changed in 4 years & oddly enough, Only Obama & his cohorts are yet to admit it.

The fact that it is still too close to call makes it a Victory for the Republicans already, & of course a huge minus for the democrats; even (When) they win.

Are We All Right?

This post was originally posted in June.  The following is my October update.  I was surprised that so little of my original predictions has changed since June but what has changed will be posted in green text.

If you have paid any attention to my political ramblings over the last three years than my prediction that Romney will win the presidential election in a possible landslide is probably not surprising. This is a prediction that I have continued to maintain since October of 2008. These predictions have nothing to do with what I hope happens, only with what I think will happen.  At the time I wrote this I was not a strong Romney supporter.  Now that I have studied the man and his policies closely, and read his book I have become a big Romney supporter.  Of all the republican candidates he was and still is the best…

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More details about Benghazi

The Rio Norte Line

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You don’t have to agree with this to make sense of it. I don’t, not entirely anyway. But it is a very good read nonetheless.

The RAP Sheet

Am I really going to do this?  Am I really going to stick my neck out and blog about abortion?  Am I really going to try and defend a position that will upset liberals and conservatives alike?

When I started this blog, I promised myself I would use it as a public sounding board for my own thoughts, and if in doing so I alienated every reader of the blog and had no followers, then so be it.  Mind you, I’m not trying to alienate everybody, but if I was, a regular abortion essay would probably be the fastest route.  As a Republican atheist professor, I’m used to having a minority world view.

The stimulus for today’s essay comes from a letter to the editor in the Orlando Sentinel.  It appears to be an attack on Mitt Romney from the right:

Mitt Romney’s current position on abortion appears logically…

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This a question!

David's Commonplace Book

Roger Simon at PJ Media believes that if President Obama wins re-election, he should be impeached over his role in covering up details over the terrorist attack on the US diplomatic mission at Benghazi.

If Barack Obama is reelected, will he face impeachment over Benghazi — a yet more unpleasant and far more wrenching result than to lose an election?

It could happen — and in my estimation should happen — the way revelations are playing out over the bloody terror attack that took four American lives and has led to weeks of prevarication and obfuscation.

The scandal thus far has at least tarnished and quite possibly implicated everyone from the CIA director, to the secretaries of State and Defense, to the UN ambassador and, of course, the president himself — with no end in sight, because Obama, normally loath to expose himself and even less so in an…

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It is amazing that most Americans just choose to ignore the truth about their President.

A Conservative View


I just finished watching a Special Report on Fox News that every red blooded American needs to see if they are undecided on re-electing Obama. If you watch this report and still favor Obama you are as guilty of sacrificing four Americans to retain and gain political power as he is. This Report will be aired aNews tonightgain at 9pm Centraltime on Fox. If you miss it I hope it will be shown again or it may be on their website. Thanks Fox News, at least one news organization has the guts to share what the networks hide.

Someone or all of the individuals that had a part in this questionably assisted by Americans massacre, should not only be fired, they should go to prison for the rest of their life. There is no excuse for the behavior of Obama, Biden…

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Fingers are crossed


The Governor of Ohio, John Kasich (R) predicted on “Meet the Press” that not only would Mitt Romney win in Ohio, but the Presidential Election as well.  Kasich said in private polls, Romney was leading. He even went so far as to say, “I’m not sure the election’s going to be as close as what everybody is talking about today”.  Ohio will be a difficult state for Romney to win because the liberal media, along with the Obama campaign has been successful in convincing voters that Romney wanted to see the auto industry go out of business.  The New York Times ran an op-ed piece titled “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt”.  In the interest of presenting only the facts, what Romney said was quite different than what was presented.  In fact, GM DID go bankrupt.  What Mitt Romney correctly stated however, is that it’s not the Government’s job to bail out companies.  Romney simply wanted GM to…

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