YOU DIDN’T HEAR THIS HERE FIRST! But THE GOOD Clint Blondie, Points out THE BAD Lee Angel & THE UGLY picture he Eli took these four years.

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What was it Wellington used to say? Something about Napoleon’s hat on the battlefield being worth 50,000 men. I reckon Clint Eastwood, more revered than any living president past or present, could be worth considerably more than 50,000 votes in the battlefield states.

Clint, you may remember, spent most of his time at the Republican Convention talking to an empty chair, representing the incumbent president. His performance seemed to say a lot more about Clint than it did about Mitt Romney.

Now he has finally come off the fence, openly endorsing Romney in a 30 second spot:

American Crossroads, by the way, is a major Romney PAC (Political Action Committee).

Wasted on the mayorship of Carmel-by-the-Sea, Ca, wasn’t he?

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  1. So, when Obama took office, we were losing 700,000 jobs a month and we now have 31 months in a row of job growth. Yes, the job growth isn’t significant. But … well … I’d take an 800,000 per month job growth improvement any day. Imagine … an economy that is producing 800,000 jobs per month four years from now. Clint is concerned about that? Maybe he shouldn’t be.

    1. Your logic being … ‘it is okay for the 700,000 to keep losing THEIR jobs when a completely different 800,000 get ANOTHER set of jobs monthly?’


      I deliberately chose not to query the figures, not that I agree with them. But it is a travesty that you think that is fine and indeed an achievement Obama should be proud of after 4yrs. Incredible…

      Well, I give you credit for being spot on in one account; though it is completely contradictory with your ‘insensitive logic’.

      Yes Mr KingMidget…,I agree, “the job growth isn’t significant”. It is in fact, insignificant, to say the least!

  2. The measure of unemployment has always been based on net job growth. In the respect obama has gone from a net loss of 700.000 jobs per month to a net gain in jobs every month for 31months with that net gain increasing recently. Not sure why you don’t get the logic. And my main point was to use flint’s own words against him. If we have four more years of this we will be adding 700.000 jobs per month in four years … whowouldnt want that.

  3. Yes, I know there is nothing left for you to respond to. I twist figures? You don’t even provide them. Conclusory statement after conclusory statement and when challenged on those statements, you refuse to back them up. Propaganda and lies can only get you so far. Unfortunately, it is a game that the Republicans and right-wing have mastered for years. It’s too bad that somebody as intelligent as you has bought that approach. You post lies here and then claim you can’t wait until people wake up and see the truth. Well, maybe if you started posting things that were actually true, that might happen.

    1. You move in a bubble that will soon burst, with or without an Obama victory.

      Obama is bent on going his way & it is the wrong way. The bubble will burst for you when you finally see how wrong you’re when he has trashed the economy. It will be his buck to bare, but I trust you to blame the opposition. Typical!

      If he loses (And its a BIG if) you’ll get to see how wrong you’re again when the economy is back on track & your bubble bursts still. Then you will say Obama started the change, the economy has made the turn already. Predictable!!

      Let me tell you what you do with these facts of yours… When you believe they’re the truth, nothing else will change your mind.

      I will give you an instant of how you handle your facts…..
      You & I ‘insinuated’ our understanding that both sides use poll figures that suit them. A number of Poll figures were carried in a post I reblogged, to the effect that Mitt Romney was now leading, clear figures. I’m fully aware that other poll figures still have Obama marginally in the lead.

      My submission was that ‘both sides use figures that suit them’! And yours was; ‘the polls that have Mitt ahead must be wrong’…

      That’s the difference between us. You believe only what says Obama is right.
      You’re a disciple in Obama’s shrine…

      Chant chant away at your Guru!

  4. Oops … I forgot this … there’s nothing left to respond to because you lost the argument but are either unwilling or incapable of acknowledging that. 🙂

    1. Oh My God… You’ve now started declaring yourself the victor out of the blue?

      Delusional… That what you’re. You should see someone.

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