“It’s time to say goodbye

So force a smile and try your best

While someone else picks up the rest

Others ask, is nothing left

A somber mood of those bereft”


Ships will rust and daylight fades

And flowers bloom give way to shade

Someone searching for their way

Where glory doesn’t last a day

You think that you’ve been here before

But you’re knocking on another door

A fading hope of something more

It’s gone before you know the score

No walking in you close your eyes

It’s you who you’ve come to despise

So open up and face your lies

It’s time to say goodbye

So force a smile and try your best

While someone else picks up the rest

Others ask, is nothing left

A somber mood of those bereft

So as you turn to leave, you say

It’s time to say goodbye today

I’m someone searching for their way

Where glory doesn’t last a day. 


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The greatest threat to the US does not come from outside, in the form of terrorism, but from inside, in the form of ignorance.

YOU DIDN’T HEAR THIS HERE FIRST! But THE GOOD Clint Blondie, Points out THE BAD Lee Angel & THE UGLY picture he Eli took these four years.

Stuart Smith's Blog

What was it Wellington used to say? Something about Napoleon’s hat on the battlefield being worth 50,000 men. I reckon Clint Eastwood, more revered than any living president past or present, could be worth considerably more than 50,000 votes in the battlefield states.

Clint, you may remember, spent most of his time at the Republican Convention talking to an empty chair, representing the incumbent president. His performance seemed to say a lot more about Clint than it did about Mitt Romney.

Now he has finally come off the fence, openly endorsing Romney in a 30 second spot:

American Crossroads, by the way, is a major Romney PAC (Political Action Committee).

Wasted on the mayorship of Carmel-by-the-Sea, Ca, wasn’t he?

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DON’T QUOTE ME. QUOTE OBAMA; Obama said: “I’m the same guy I was 10-12 years ago”. So who was Obama 10-12 years ago.

From The End of The Lake

Is the media tide finally turning against Obama?

Obama Says To Look At “Videotape” For His Flip-Flops 

And they found flip after flop after flip

Obama today: I’m the same guy I was 10-12 years ago.

Obama in 2004: My religious faith dictates marriage is between a man and a woman, gay marriage is not a civil right.


Looks like the wheels have come off the Obama campaign…

Much more at BuzzFeed

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INCREDIBLE BUT TOTALLY TRUE! In the Us your boss has the First Amendment right to tell you who to vote for, but you could lose your job if you tell them you disagree. Even if you say it nicely.

The state of Pregnancy is not an ailed state and does not need to be cured.

Awesome Kid this Jenny. We must spread her good work far & near, as quickly as we can. The presentation is top notch stuff & the content so crystal clear.

Golden Queries

Babe? No, I’m not talking about a hot looking woman; rather, I am referring to those who are considered too immature to count or have an opinion that matters. Yet this 13-year old young lady demonstrates that there is hope for the future. In fulfillment of a class project, Jenny makes a great case by looking at the track records of presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and Mitt Romney and gives each of them a grade based on their performance – novel concept. Looks to me like she’s already moved beyond the elementary teachings as she ably researched and organized her information to deliver it in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand format.  As a former teacher, I’d give her an A.

You may have seen this youtube video in other blogs, but I think it bears repeating for several reasons:

  • Jenny did an excellent job. We need to recognize and affirm our young…

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