Bourbon Conviction

October 23, 2012 –  Here is a very well-informed, smart 13 year-old girl named Jenny.

Jenny breaks down the records between Obama and Romney with detailed information that rivals any of those talking media heads. I’m not sure, but odds are this young lady is a product of private schooling and parents that actually give a damn about her education.

Take note that the American Flag is in the background and that no teacher interrupts her during her delivery.

Compare Jenny to any of the Obama supporters that you see being interviewed in the media. Yea, right…there is no comparison. -JRoycroft

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“Budding this fruit that ripens, in the silliness of the open, smile Eve upon this uniquest leaving.” BEAUTIFUL!

“White clouds from up above:
Were scattered on earth”

Realm of Empress Musie

The world was filled
With their white petals
That’s how it seemed
When I stood there
Surrounded by them
The pretty dancing daisies
Their soft petals
Brushed against my bare arms
Their bitter sweet fragrance
Filled up my lungs
White clouds from up above
Were scattered on earth

Sharmishtha Basu

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The other side plays dirty too.

The Long Version

My liberal friends like to remind me often that my candidate for President, Mitt Romney, is a liar.  They then parade the fact checkers out as proof to their premise that Mitt Romney, a devout Mormon, habitually breaks the 9th commandment.

The most recent accusation came in the form of this article at with the headline: “At The Last Presidential Debate: Romney Told 24 Myths In 41 Minutes”  If you’re not familiar with ThinkProgress, I would characterize as the Liberal equivalent to on the right.  If you’re not familiar with either one you’re not missing anything but extreme partisanship, hyperbole, and group think (My opinion of course).

So I decided to go through these 24 myths and research their explanations to see if  the man I think is best suited to preside in this nation is indeed a dirty rotten scoundrel and a liar.

This will be a rather long…

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Obama is one weird smart dude, with a following of well meaning persons he has failed & hasn’t finished failing.