Obama only mentioned the word ‘Terror’ in general term but did not ‘specifically’ call the attack in Libya a terrorist attack in his first speech after the incident at the Rose garden. Call it confusion or whatever, that is the truth.


I’ve been really concerned about the issue with the obvious “intelligence mishap” surrounding the recent attack on the US consulate in Benghazi -and I don’t really have any expectations for politicians, but I’ve been extremely disappointed at the way the Main Stream Media has covered this -barring the over-kill that FOX News plays on loop, all day.I was somewhat surprised that Martha Raddatz kicked-off the VP debate with a question about the… we’ll call it “confusion” since no one is exactly sure what happened, still -but Raddatz gave Biden an open back-door by calling it an “intelligence mishap”.

So, I wasn’t AS surprised last night when Candy Crowley point-blanked said Mitt Romney was wrong in his claim that the president denied that the attack on the consulate was a planned terrorist attack rather than an impromptu protest against some home-made film about the profit, Muhammad. Crowley later corrected herself, reducing her…

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I will tell you who really won the presidential debate last night. Candy Crowley won it for Obama and she got the only applause of the evening for it.

Embattled Farmers

“She kept feeding Obama lines. She did, folks, she kept feeding him lines. She kept prompting him. You Democrats, he couldn’t have done this last night without her assistance.

“She committed an act of journalistic terror or malpractice last night. If there were any journalist standards, what she did last night would have been the equivalent of blowing up her career like a suicide bomber.”

Rush Limbaugh on Candy Crowley and the debate.

How much longer is Rush’s journalistic terror going to continue?


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“Will Obama fix the economy and create the jobs needed by Americans?”

My Political Intervention

“Candy, there are some jobs that are not gonna come back…”

Obama said it, but what did he mean? I suppose one could pass it off as a blanket statement- the cute operator lady in red lipstick and little skirt doing strange things at a switchboard, for example. I’m pretty sure she’s not working there anymore, because I never hear anyone even talk about dialing “zero.”

Except that there exists a second half of this statement. These jobs don’t exist anymore

“…because they’re low-wage, low-skill jobs.”

Well certainly the switchboard operator was SKILLED. I know I wouldn’t know how to work one of those things. But her job became irrelevant because technology moved forward. As it always moves forward. We hope.

Hey, aren’t those some of Obama’s catch-phrases?

Obama wants :

 “high-wage, high-skill jobs. That’s why we have to emphasize manufacturing. That’s why we have to invest…

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Indeed the question on every American voter’s mind yesterday, today & for the next few weeks leading to the election is:
“Who will fix the economy and create the most jobs – President Obama or Mitt Romney?” All other issues, though important, are pale in comparison.

Some one should wake America up…. America is in a jobs depression & the President is in denial of it.

Inform The Pundits!

A question on every American voter’s mind is:
“Who will fix the economy and create the most jobs – President Obama or Mitt Romney?”

All other issues, though important, pale in comparison.

That was on everyone’s mind during last night’s 2nd presidential debate. The first question asked by college student Jeremy Epstein was how each candidate could assure him that “I will be able to sufficiently support myself after I graduate?”

College students are not the only ones asking about making a livable wage.

In answer to Jeremy’s question last night the first words of reassurance from President Obama were:

What I want to do is build on the 5 million jobs that we’ve created over the last 30 months in the private sector alone
– President Barack Obama, 2nd Presidential Debate, 10/17/2012

With these opening few words the President reveals his profound self-deception about the scope of the…

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CBS instant poll results: “Scientific collected poll of about 500 people, 37 percent said Obama, 30 percent Romney & the rest tie!”


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Once again will write this blog as I watch the debate.

this debate is a town hall style of debate and includes the economy, the last to do so this year.  82 uncommitted voters in NY ask questions.

question 1: college students able to get good employment?

Romney:  references a college grad that he spoke to in Philly and has 3 part time jobs.  Need to make sure there are jobs.  John and abigail adams scholarship in Mass.  hard to get jobs.  half of grads this year not able to get a job.  More debt, less jobs now and will bring back jobs.  Middle class crushed in last 4 years.

Obama:  future is bright.  Investment in higher education critical.  need to create good paying jobs in this country.  build on 5 million jobs in last 4 years.  build manufacturing jobs.  Referenced Romney saying let detroit go…

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My expectations weren’t high, so I wasn’t disappointed. Romney was decent enough & Obama was his usual ‘Good speaker’; a shade bettered by some Biden pointers on ‘Braw-lish Debating,’ no doubt. But the help he got from Candy was appalling. It is a disgrace to call her impartial! I just hope a lot of voters saw what they were looking to see & know the exact direction they are pointing the Country & the entire free world with their votes.

Commandments and Constitution

I hated the commentator.. and the questions her commitee had picked…( How are you different from bush?”)- Really?
Why didnt he ask Obama how he’s different from Carter? But all in all I think Romney did well. I think he looked strong and confident and ready. I do however think he missed a few opportunities to mention a few things like Obama’s comments to Putin about his flexability, Muhammad Morsi and the muslim brotherhood the Obama administration is giving money too. I would have liked to hear more on the lack of support from the Administration to Israel. I would like to know why and how the Obama administration can say they are making the economy better by adding so much to our deficit???? HELLO>>>> Does none of this matter? Is all we care about as americans are entitlements and making sure our tax cuts are still avaliable???? C’mon people…

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It is a such pity that clueless Americans are willing to hand Obama his dreams to the complete detriment of theirs.


The 2012 election has often been described as the most pivotal since 1860. This statement is not hyperbole. If Barack Obama is re-elected the United States will never be the same, nor will it be able to re-capture its once lofty status as the most dominant nation in the history of mankind.

The overwhelming majority of Americans do not understand that Obama’s first term was dedicated to putting in place executive power to enable him and the administration to fulfill the campaign promise of “transforming America ” in his second term regardless of which political party controls Congress. That is why his re-election team is virtually ignoring the plight of incumbent or prospective Democratic Party office holders.

The most significant accomplishment of Obama’s first term is to make Congress irrelevant.Under the myopic and blindly loyal leadership of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats have succeeded in creating an…

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The prospect is good!!!

Paul Joseph Watson

Having already threatened to riot if Obama is unsuccessful in securing a second term, Obama supporters are also flooding Twitter with threats to assassinate Mitt Romney if he wins the presidential election.

As we reported yesterday, innumerable Obama supporters spoke of their plans to provoke violence and mayhem if Obama lost, aggrieved at fears that Mitt Romney would take away government handouts.

However, it seems that threats to assassinate Romney are proving just as popular on the social network as threats to riot.

Twitchy first reported on the death threats on Sunday but a deluge of new ones have flooded in since, including the following;

“I swear if Mitt Romney becomes president, I’m gonna be the one to assassinate his ass!!!” (SOURCE)

“im telling you if romney gets elected somebody gon have to take a L and A. assassinate romney and ryan or…

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REMEMBER THIS TONIGHT: Each time Obama complains Romney’s policies would leave Americans their own; he simply affirms what Reagan accused liberals of believing — that “control is better than freedom.”


October 16, 2012
‎”The classic liberal,” Reagan wrote, “used to be the man who believed the individual was, and should be forever, the master of his destiny. That is now the conservative position. The liberal used to believe in freedom under law. He now takes the ancient feudal position that power is everything. He believes in a stronger and stronger central government, in the philosophy that control is better than freedom.”
 — From “Where’s the Rest of Me?” 1965
Remember this passage. Remember it each time Obama complains tonight that some Romney policy would “leave you on your own.” When Obama says that he affirms what Reagan accused liberals of believing — that “control is better than freedom.”

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