It is sickening that those issues that will make a viable environment friendly policy tenable are not being tackled. If the economy, world peace & jobs are not handled promptly, the world might as well forget about being able to make the huge sacrifices absolutely necessary for beginning to sort out the environmental problems. The time is running out too fast.

Grumpa Joe's Place

WOW! A gallon of gas has reached six dollars in several states. Six dollar gas means that Obama has again succeeded in accomplishing a goal. His energy czar said that gas must go to six dollars a gallon in order for the Obama energy policy to work. What is the energy policy? Drive the price of gas up so high that Americans will rush to Government Motors to buy electric cars. I think they have under estimated what the price of gas will have to reach before we give up the liberty of driving a car whenever we want to where ever we want. We treat driving a car like owning a gun, with one exception. Driving isn’t protected by the Bill of Rights, whereas owning a gun is.

When I worked, I rode a bicycle to and from on three days a week during those months when enough daylight allowed…

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Mitt Romney Is Surging In Swing States

Wow…. Just maybe! But it is still only just!

American Glob

While Democrats assure each other that Joe Biden’s obnoxious debate performance was just what the Obama campaign needed, Mitt Romney is surging ahead in polls from multiple swing states.

Ed Morrissey reports that Romney is up by 7 points in Virginia.

Ace of Spades reports that Romney is now leading in Florida and New Hampshire.

Stacy McCain reports that chicks dig Mitt!

Romney is also still leading in the RCP average of polls.

William Jacobson offers the RCP chart below and reports that the more people think Obama could lose, the higher consumer confidence goes up. Funny that.

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Not this Hollywood inspired presidency and certainly not this American era of playing the whipped.

Be Holy!

Has the Nation changed?  Once upon a time in Washington D.C. there was a cover-up and Nixon and friends were out on their collective ears.  Impeachment was the battle cry and the national remedy.

Charles Krauthammer on Thursday brought up Watergate and reminded us that the Benghazi aftermath will be  “about who knew up high and when,” adding, “I’ll remind you that nobody died in Watergate.”

Gov. Mike Huckabee  “ I’m going to be blunt and tell you this — nobody died in Watergate. We have some people who are dead because of this. There are some questions to be answered and Americans ought to demand to get answers and it doesn’t matter what the politics are.” Gov. Mike Huckabee

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Joe Biden’s War on Women

With the way Mitt made mince Meat of Barak & showed Obama could as well be Osama when it came to securing world peace the first time out, it was always obvious that Joe will need a helpful tow to tag along with Ryan at the second time of asking..

My Political Intervention

I have been on the fence a bit about whether to bother defending Martha Raddatz’s moderation performance at last night’s debate between vice president Biden and congressman Ryan. After all, I woke up this morning to find that she had become social media’s darling, garnering oh so much praise on Twitter as “way better than that other moderator,” and, as Eva Longoria put it:

Martha Raddatz is best moderator ever!!!


Of course the liberals loved her. She let Joe Biden get away with his childishly rude antics, allowing him to steal the show. Heck, she even HELPED him interrupt Ryan 34 times. Republicans were, of course, quick to point this out, calling her biased and reminding voters that Obama had been invited to her wedding. What everyone seems to be missing, however, is how Joe Biden treated the moderator herself.

Every woman who has ever attempted to be taken…

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Marijuana should be legal?

The clamour for legalizing marijuana is not new or strange anymore, still on the surface there are more demerits than merits to it. Or is that just what we assume, expect & concluded without really looking at the options. This needs to be looked at from all angles. I know one thing should be clear; if legalizing marijuana will greatly reduce the negative effects to it, then why the hell not.

Sellnow Update - Opinions from the Scientific Garden.

I have never used marijuana and I wouldn’t use it even if it was legal. It should be legalized for many reasons. Alcohol is legal even though it kills people so why not marijuana. Prohibition of alcohol was a stupid idea and so is prohibition of marijuana. Prohibition when there is strong demand for a product creates an artificial crime and breeds criminals. A young persons life can be ruined by being caught with pot. ……. We should allow our farmers to make a profit off of this lucrative crop and tax the profits to reduce our deficit. The war on drugs is stupid because the enforcement and legal money is a complete waste that can’t even stop the crime. Mexican drug cartels are getting rich from money we could be using to build bridges and feed hungry children. Why should we kill people in Mexico for supplying our people…

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