So Obama’s Father Served in WWII!
Another slap in the face to U.S. Veterans.Obama’s father served in WW II, really?

Obama said his father served in WW II?
Barack’s father served in WW II?
He said so in a speech. Here is an 18 second video:
CNN News clip:

Is he a compulsive liar? Were there no reporters who checked or double checked these statements and called the party on this? They did for everyone else. Why not him?
Like it or not, here are the facts:

Barack Hussein Obama Sr. (Obama’s father)
Born: 4/4/36 Died: 11/24/82 at the age of 46.
He was 5 years old when WW II started, and less than 9 1/2 yrs old when it ended.

Lolo Soetoro (Obama’s step father)
Born: January 2,1935 Died: 3/2/87 at the age of 52.
He was 6 years old when WW II started, and 10 years old when it ended. He must have been the youngest Veteran in the war.

Watch the video. RIGHT OUT OF HIS MOUTH!!!
And the media doesn’t say anything. If you doubt it, Google both of these guys. It appears this guy doesn’t know how to tell the truth — or he doesn’t care about telling the truth — or perhaps he doesn’t know when he isn’t telling the truth (which is also a very scary angle). Talk about STOLEN VALOR!!!

Had this been Bush, the media would still be on this!
The CNN clip of Obama is surprising. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this lie wasn’t uncovered, questioned or debated before the Nov. 2008 election.

Oh well, he must have just “forgotten” the facts, again.
Or perhaps he really doesn’t even know the difference between truth and fabrication?



42 thoughts on “OBAMA’S INCREDIBLE LIE: Obama’s father served in WWII?

  1. You know … you might want to look at the facts a little harder. yes, it was a slip of the tongue, but considering that he was raised for a significant part of his childhood by his grandmother and grandfather, who in fact did serve in WW II, it’s understandable that he might look at his grandfather as the “father” figure in his life. Change “father” to “grandfather” and you have an accurate statement … and, again, based on the circumstances of his life, an understandable slip. Hopefully, you can do better than this in the future. I’m guessing, though, that you are OK with the massive lies Romney spread during the first debate.

    1. Thank you for commenting KingMidget.

      You might have missed the fact that I copied the entire thing from another blog, but that is beside the point. I expect The President of the US to call his father his father & his Grand father his grand father. It is really easy & a whole lot simpler. This did happen though, when it shouldn’t have & it is not being publicized as much as it should have.
      That is my opinion.

      My thoughts on Mitt Romney has nothing to do with what ‘untruths or half-thruths’ Barak Obama reveals, neither is it the other way round. Is the choice of the next POTUS based on who lies the least amongst the candidates? Your appear to be implying that, anyway. Well in case you think it is, others like you might want to make their own decision based on such information on Obama too.
      That is my opinion.

    1. Candace,
      I just think it is a shame this isn’t as publicized as it ought to be because Obama made it. That much is obviously true.

      I worry that the entire race is being branded that of personalities & not policies, at a time when policies should be the priority. We hear more of that kind of talk here in Africa, where the impact of this POTUS is completely not felt.

      It is such a pity

      1. You can say that again. It’s a real pity and the middle class is pitiful for letting it happen. Too many American just don’t know and don’t care and vote for who sounds like they are smart and makes promises they like knowing those promises will not come true.

      2. I couldn’t agree more, Candace.

        I hope you are following the comments on this posts….. There is on KingMidget that would be of particular interest to you.

  2. Yasniger … it’s irrelevant where the post came from. It’s on your blog without any qualifying language, so I’m assuming it’s something you agree with. You’d like the election to be about policies rather than personalities. Fine, in my view, Obama slipped when he referred to his grandfather as his father. It wasn’t a lie, but you’re more than comfortable posting this piece that claims he was lying. And, guess what, it’s irrelevant if you’re serious about preferring an election about policies instead of personalities. Seems somewhat contradictory to want an election based on policies and then post crap like this. Meanwhile, when it comes to policies, Romney is lying through his teeth about his own policies. Feel free to provide examples of political positions Obama has taken that equate to the lies Romney is spreading … Seriously, the man has been campaigning for months on a platform of more tax cuts for the wealthy and just about the first words out of his mouth on Wednesday were a claim that he isn’t proposing to cut taxes for the wealthy.

    1. Firstly Mr Midget, it is quite BIG of you to keep commenting.

      Hold your horse though, I believe Obama will win the next election & I said so with my immediate reblog that followed this one. Obama will win & it will have nothing to do with how he has handled the economy or his foreign & domestic policies, or I dare say, not even if most Americans truly believe he will fix things in the long run.

      Obama will win again because he is An Unusually Different Face in the White House, a Black boy on a kingly White horse. He is charismatic, well spoken & quite the Hollywood styled Black President…. that is what I mean by personalities. Mitt can never match that. Anyone can see that he is struggling to keep up. Personalities not policies.

      I do not consider Mitt the ideal presidential figure either, but I worry that Obama Has made POTUS a Hollywood character too & voters have lost track of what is important.

      Obama is not being tasked like he ought to be by the media, the civil societies & the American people because he is just that loveable well spoken son of a black migrant, who fits the American dream.

      My approval of this post, if you like, is because it points to that fact. Barak Obama gets off the hook so easily while others don’t because of his popular appeal.

      If Bush or poor Ogre Mitt had made that blunder…..

  3. Interesting … you think the election should be about policies, not personalities … after scrolling through your blog, in terms of your political postings, it’s almost entirely about personalities and irrelevant side issues.

      1. Kingmidgit is proving he or she isn’t paying to what is being said. They adore O-dumb@$$ so much, they are blinded by what is actually there in front of them and not the reality of the hell this charismatic pile of crap is doing to our nation.

        Had any other president done the same blunder, they would be ridiculed to no end. We all know Mitt is lying. He’s talking, That’s how we can tell. But O-dumb@$$ is lying also and still hasn’t figured out more people want him gone but are too afraid to vote to the obvious liar. They would rather have an idiot up there than anything else.

        Sadly, I doubt midget will get it. Too many people won’t get it, but as long as they keep commenting, I’ve got cannon fodder and examples to use in my own writing.

      2. It is so annoying, isn’t it? I believe credible candidates didn’t come forward because they knew they wouldn’t be heard or even acknowledged for what they bring to the table. Instead, everyone is trying to be pals with Barak & his Hollywood buddies.


  4. I wish I knew why it was the Obama loathers are so incapable of believing that those of us who believe he is a good man and a good President and deserving of another four years actually have working brain cells. It’s this type of crap that prevents a legitimate debate on the issues. As well,as the wild-ass theory that the media is protecting him. Believe in black helicopters? I particularly love how this all sets you up for an easy excuse for why he might win re-election. It’s a media conspiracy, I tell you!!!

    1. Kingmidget,
      I guess like you, we are entitled to our opinions & our shortcomings. The major deference being, we recognize ours & those of others too.
      You seem to have a problem with that my friend.

      Let’s play a little game buddy.
      Why don’t you try to find faults with Obama; as a person & as a presidential candidate.
      He is not perfect, is he? Or his campaign isn’t faultless now, is it?

      Go ahead, I dare you!

  5. Obama has not been as strong of a leader as he could have been. He did not use the power of the majority he had in both houses his first two years to the extent he could have been. He did not close Gitmo. He moved to slowly on DADT and gay marriage. He also has not taken a strong enough line with the banks and financial whizzes that caused the meltdown a few years ago. He has not pushed the Israeli’s and Palestinians hard enough on peace talks. His campaign did a horrible job getting ready for the first debate and getting him prepared for the massive lies Romney was going to tell. Now, it’s your turn. Name seven things Obama did right (that’s how many mistakes I provided you) … and explain what you think would have turned out better over the past four years if the current crop of Republicans were in the White House.
    Here’s where you, sir, have a chance to prove that you want this election to be about policies rather than personalities.

    1. You asked for seven things Obama got right…. Now that is a tough one. I will have to be rather ‘manipulative’ to make it up to seven. I will give it my best shot but I don’t have seven!

      1: Obama Care is laudable…. (Not sustainable as it is in a completely free economy like the US’s)

      2: Gay marriages….. It is obvious an American president MUST ACCEPT gay marriages; even if he doesn’t believe in it. It is constitutional (Obama played politics with it at first, build his following elsewhere to complement those he will lose when he final came through with his gay marriages inevitable pronouncement)

      3: Guantanamo…. He knew there were no options to keeping it open & he was big enough to admit it (this he shamelessly did in spite of his campaign promise)

      4: Israel…. The settlements must be paused & not allowing the radical Jewish faction to arm twist the USA into escalating the Palestinian issue is cool (Though a wedge in the US-Israel relationship exposed the conservative Jewish parties & made their situation more difficult)

      Sorry, I got only four!


      Well start with the above for instant (except Obama Care that is) These wouldn’t be counted as ACHIEVEMENTS, they will be the norm & there wouldn’t be needless stress over them.

      The war in Afghanistan will be over & troops out like Obama was able to do in Iraq within a short period of taking over.

      Jobs JOBS…. There will a whole lot more jobs, because the free environment for investment in the USA has always attracted investors from every where. The best economies in the world invest in the US first. They ran away from Obama’s tax-tasked environment. The key to economy recovery is JOBS. It worked in the 1930s – 1940s…. It is the surest way now.

      I will leave it here for you to response.

  6. Sadly, you’ve got most of your “rights” wrong.
    1. America does not have a completely free economy. Not even close.
    3. Gitmo … there are plenty of options. Like letting prisoners go who aren’t justifiably held. Providing them with trials. That we have held people, without hearings, without rights, without anything for 10 years is a stain, a massive stain, on our record. That the right caused such an uproar over trying them in American courts was disgusting.
    4. Oddly enough, Obama hasn’t done a thing to stop or slow down the settlements. It’s one of his biggest mistakes, so I’m not sure how you can hold this out as something he did right.

    Afghanistan … considering the bellicose words of the Republican Party today, I don’t know how you can claim the war in Afghanistan would be over now. And, even if it was, we’d probably be embroiled in a war in Libya, Syria, Iran or all of the above.

    Jobs … GWB, with all of his tax cuts, had the lowest rate of job growth of any recent President. Please provide me with some concrete explanation for why you think Republican policies lead to more jobs. And, by the way, tax rates on both the wealthy and on corporations are at their lowest in decades, so I’m not sure what you mean by Obama’s tax-tasked environment.

    Your turn.

    1. Hello KingMidget, sorry I took my time this time around. I’ve been quite busy.

      I’m not surprised you consider most of my ‘wrongs’ as your ‘rights’… It says a lot about why we even disagree..

      You must be the only person on ‘Earth’ who hasn’t learnt from elementary school that America officially runs a ‘free economy’; where market forces drives the economy. If in practice the govt. legislate to ensure market forces are kept in check, it doesn’t negate that fact. Everybody know about the subsidies in Agriculture & so on, still the obvious is clear. These’re measures taken to manage the economy & that’s why we’re discussing policies.

      It’ll be interesting to hear your ‘plentiful options’ to handling the ‘Terrorist Combatants’ held by the US in Cuba. Obama will disagree with you heatedly because in pursuance to his first election promise, he tried letting prisoners go & providing them with trials… It bit him right back in the face. It isn’t a perfect world my friend. You must hurt, to ensure you don’t get hurt. Grow up! Clearly Obama learnt that bit on the job.

      It isn’t only about Israel that Obama hasn’t done a thing in the middle east. I’m glad you saw through my ‘commending’ him for doing nothing. That is good! But true to his ‘theorist & not Realist character’, he is just talking nonsense when he knows there is nothing concrete to do. That’s ‘Childish’… The present Jewish state leadership (which just called for elections 8 months earlier than it ought to) is already favouring a major shift away from these settlements & Obama is bad mouthing them. You think ‘It’s one of his biggest mistakes’, and can’t see ‘how (I) can hold this out as something he did right’… You need to read up on your happenings in the middle east buddy.

      In Afghanistan he continued a war everyone will agree he wouldn’t have started if it were his call. He would be probably be asking the Taliban to please investigate Bin Laden by now & not taking credit for some bold Army General’s initiative in killing Bin Laden, without trial in the Hague….as I’m sure you’ll prefer. Right? Grow up to the ways of the world, my friend.

      He is soft peddling with a nursing Libyan administration about the assassination of the US ambassador, that can’t be helped. But I’ll rather wait for the outcome of the senate hearing over that incident before I comment further. Still, being undecided about Syria, plays into Iran’s hands & clearly they now know US truly has lost its ‘ball’…& might as well be gay in a man’s world full of women waiting to get pregnant naturally.

      Jobs can’t be created if the rich are not given concrete incentives to create them. The govt can not do much but invest in ‘policies’ towards the domestic wealthy & foreign investors. Obama is empowering employees not employers & he wants to create Jobs?

      ‘All of his tax cuts, had the lowest rate of job growth of any recent President.’ And you’re proud of that because you imply the Republicans can’t do better… Your words;
      ‘Please provide me with some concrete explanation for why you think Republican policies lead to more jobs’.
      This the way I see it;
      Here you’re confronted with policies not working for 4 years & which will obviously continue for another 4 years & you’ll willing to risk it against speculation that no one can do better? I don’t think you’ve thought this through, sir!

      Tax rates reduction on the wealthy & corporations may be at their lowest in decades, but this necessarily hasn’t made them line up to create jobs because of Obama isn’t investing in them. They want to be taxed on the more profits they will make. They want more taxes so the government can generate more funds to fund its deficit budgeting. Obama is geting it all wrong.
      I’m sure I said ‘Obama’s tax-tasked environment’..not ‘Tax-laboured’.. The low taxes are counter productive & geared towards the citizen who isn’t creating jobs or not willing to create jobs in an economy where the government is only willing to ride the trend & not take bold steps to revive an economy in depression. Obama should borrow a leaf from the 1930s & 1940s.

      Your turn.

  7. Your original comment was that we have a completely free economy in the United States. Regardless of what you learned in elementary school, we don’t. There’s nothing I can do to persuade you otherwise.
    The only reason Obama’s effort to try Gitmo prisoners was because the right threw a fit, apparently believing the American courts couldn’t do the job. Fine, try them in military courts and either sentence them or set them free, but that hasn’t happened. Please tell me what American principles are strengthened by us holding these people indefinitely without charges without hearings without any rights.
    Regarding Israel … where is it that the current Israel leadership is backing away from settlements? Trust me, I read about the Middle East. The question is whether you do. Why did Netanyahu call for an early election — they do it all the time and the reality is that he’s doing it now in an effort to save his administration from the inevitable fracture to come.
    Before I go further … can we agree that the best way to continue this discussion is to end the personal attacks. I won’t make any references to black helicopters and you won’t suggest that I’m uninformed, uneducated, or need to grow up.

    1. I’m embarrassed! It is unusual of me to be so un-cultured. Please accept my apology; unreservedly. Big of you to be so civilised about it. It won’t happen again, I assure you. You’ve my word.

    2. You’re spot on about the current Israeli PM calling early elections because he wants to get a head start ahead of a disorganised opposition. The economy isn’t any better there & the relationship with the US hasn’t been this bad ever before.

      The issue of this settlements are HUGE there as you know & it is a sore point for them that this Israeli Govt. halted the expansion of these settlements against the popular wish. It is something that has to be sold to the Jews slowly, with alternatives. Most people refuse to comprehend the complexity of the issue.

      It isn’t just about closing the settlements as far as the Israelis are concerned. Obama should know this & work with the PM to proffer solutions, not continuously trying to make Netanyanhu look bad in the eyes of his middle east neighbours. If the past US leader had done so, I doubt if there will be a state of Israel anymore.
      This much is clear… The US can’t try these prisoners in Cuba under US laws, they’ll go free. And that is not an option the US can afford. If it does, it would have wasted about half of its gain in the war against terrorism. They tried shipping them to other countries aboard, but no one will have them.

      What do you do with a Man about to detonate a bomb strapped to his body in a parked school hall? Shoot him in the forehead before he does, when you can. It isn’t ideal but it works & keeps a multitude safe.

  8. I’ll write more later when I have more time … but I just want to say this. I crave intelligent and respectful dialogue about the issues of the day. I’ve participated in some political “discussions” on a local news site that ALWAYS degenerate into name-calling and … well, just crap. I’m committed to not doing that anymore. I believe the biggest threat to this country right now is that people are incapable of respecting other views, conversing about them, acknowledging that other opinions can be legitimate, and identifying ways to move forward with the best interests of our country in mind. I will no longer engage in the name calling. If you’d like to continue a dialogue, and it sounds like you would, I look forward to it.
    But, now it’s too late for me. I’ll be back to respond more in full to some of your points. And, let me just say that you’re the first person to acknowlege the harm of taking discussions in that other direction. So, thank you.

    1. Honestly, in recent times, as far as I can recollect, you’re the first person not to respond in kind but chose to exercise some restrain. I guess that should symbolise, a kick not returned would mostly end the kicking.

      It was completely unconscious on my part & no insult intended. Thanks for calling my attention to it.

  9. Thanks for following my blog. As you may have picked-up from reading my blog, I am a socially conservative person who has – since 2003 at least – voted for the UK’s Conservative Party. However, this is allegiance is now being sorely tested by its leaders deciding to ignore the advice of their own scientific advisors (i.e. that we need to stop burning fossil fuels now – not in 20 years time). Therefore, I cannot understand how you can be that concerned bout the environment if you are prepared to vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket – whose anti-scientific and anti-environmental rhetoric and/or hypocrisy seems to have no limits.

    Obama may have been a major disappointment but at least he does not deny the nature of reality.

    1. Martin, thanks for commenting.

      My friend just like you, I’ve sympathies for the Conservative party in the Uk. I’ve since stopped following parties but what an individual brings to the table.

      Recently, I was asked to mention seven things I thought Obama had handled rather well in the last 4 yrs. I stopped at 4, I think. Honestly, his stand on the environment should’ve made my list too. (Hope KingMidget is reading this)

      Still, I don’t base my rejection or support of a candidate based on a sole issue, like lots of people are fond of doing. Yes the issue of fossil fuel, the environment, global warming are VERY important. But so is the economy, world peace and jobs.

      I dare say that if we don’t sort out these three things I’ve mentions urgently, we are most unlikely to pay any attention to the environmental issues properly & be willing to accommodate the HUGE sacrifices absolutely necessary to deal with them. That is why we must sort this things out quickly.

      I admit; not unlike you did, that Mitt Romney isn’t my ideal candidate, far from it. In fact, I almost wished Ryan was the one running. Still, POTUS is not a place for someone who just looks good for the job, with a cinderella story we love to identify with & the charisma of Mantin Luther king & Nelson Mandela.

      The world is just being charmed by Obama for what he appear as & not what he has done or can do about the real important things I’ve mentioned.

      In conclusion, from the words of Ryan from last night’s VP debates… (Paraphrased)
      When Obama came to power 4 yrs ago, he had clear majorities for 2 yrs. 4 yrs later & look at where we are.

      I dare answer..
      Right where we started 4 yrs back, with Barak blaming the Republicans & promising another 4 yrs of just that.

      Thanks friend.

      1. Yas, I think you are right to decide that individuals are more important than parties but, that makes your choice of Romney/Ryan over Obama/Biden even more astonishing.

        In the UK, our Prime Minister is trying very hard to shake-off the accusation that he is elitist. Whereas Romney, if he is trying to do this at all, is failing miserably. Between them, Romney and Ryan have manged to get on the wrong side of every scientific issue there is and, were they to win, they would have to admit they were wrong about so much stuff… Well, what little credibility they have would be shredded in the process.

        However, even worse, if the GOP win this POTUS election, both the US and the World will suffer. This is because the GOP is not interested in democracy or social cohesion; and it is ridiculous for Ryan to claim he is concerned about the poor and marginalised in society – the GOP believes poor people are lazy; end of story. The GOP is only interested in what their friends in big business are interested – money. And what is it that the Bible says? Oh yes, “…the love of money is the root of all evil…”

      2. Because you had referred me to a link, I had limited myself to answering the writer of the piece. Thanks

        While Paul Ryan was trying to speak for 40 of the 90 minutes (you say) in the VP debate on Thursday, he barely managed to get his own points in. I thought he didn’t get that much in actually, because of the rude interruptions from Biden allowed & the immature smirks he had to deal with.
        Let us look at this ‘Myths’ of yours…. Oh I intend to make this so interesting & simple for you…
        (1) Indeed…. “It took the president two weeks to acknowledge that [the Libya attack] was a terrorist attack.”….Obama used the word “terrorism” in a general term to describe the killing of Americans in such acts worldwide. Oddly, like you rightly quoted, the very next day at the Rose Garden, the world was shocked to hear the president of a nation that had just lost its ambassador so gruesomely, almost apologetically speak; not of that particular incident, as if not to offend the obvious perpetrators, but tamely Obama said, “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for.” This could have come from anybody.
        Come on!

        (2) Ryan said…“The administration was blocking us every step of the way. Only because we had strong bipartisan support for these tough [Iran] sanctions, were we able to overrule their objections and put them in spite of the administration.”
        You brought that up without attacking the facts embedded therein but instead pointed out the diplomatic remarks of the Israeli President!
        Is the threat of Iran’s nuclear weapons a reality today? Yes, certainly! President Obama’s leadership isn’t getting us any closer to dealing with this threat. An amused Iran is riding these guided international sanctions & bidding it’s time for an uncertain US to tire of it, as it shies away from any further conflict in the Arab world. That is what they see through this President’s timidity over the Benghazi issue & Syria too.
        Pathetic point this is.

        (3) I’m personally in love with ObamaCare. But the fact remains that as it is…“Medicare and Social Security are going bankrupt. These are indisputable facts.” Possibility of Medicare going bankrupt is historically and economically a certainty — this is not an exaggeration. The fact is if no changes are made, Medicare would be unable to meet its projection in the next ten years because it would have gone bankrupt.
        The pull on Social Security funding is going to quadruple if this economic depression continuous any further, & it looks like it would. Then projections for a fully funded scheme for another two decades will find itself underfunded and greatly stressed by other social security issues other than health. There are other social issues besides health, you know it.

        Having said that, you can see why I think that there are no ways to ensure the program’s long-term solvency, without large changes, maybe not necessarily cuts to benefits…but these changes will not be easy.

        (4) Ryan said…“The vice president was in charge of overseeing this. $90 billion in green “pork” to campaign contributors and special interest groups.” These multiple reviews & independent review of all Department Of Energy loan programs of the finance chair for McCain for President 2008 will of course not find “pork”! I’m AMAZED they were looking for it. Come on, Ryan could have said they handed out wigs for all you care & you wouldn’t have considered he just used “Pork” as against “freebies” in the stimulus’ funding of green projects, were loans were alleged to have been steered to friends or family or party affiliates. It is a claim, and until pursued & verified by a non-partisan body, it remains as such.

        5) “Was it a good idea to spend taxpayer dollars on electric cars in Finland, or on windmills in China?” PolitiFact may have pointed out, the money for electric cars in Finland did not come from the stimulus and it originated with the Energy Department’s Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing program, which predated the Obama administration. This could have been discontinued by Obama but he didn’t. It is not a good idea to spend taxpayers’ dollars in this manner, where it doesn’t create jobs for Americans.

        I don’t have facts now, but there must be some ‘smoke’ where the claim about these Chinese windmill ‘fire’ started.

        6) “When they see us putting – when they see us putting daylight between ourselves and our allies in Israel, that gives them encouragement.” This is a solid fact. The fanatics in Arab world are having a party over the worsened relationship between the US and Israel. It is common knowledge.

        Again there you go quoting another diplomatic remark… ‘The Israeli Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, told CNN, “President Obama is doing … more than anything that I can remember in the past [in regard to our security].”’

        7) “You see, if you reform these programs for my generation, people 54 and below, you can guarantee they don’t change for people in or near retirement.” Hold your panties, ObamaCare will be up for review by the Romney/Ryan presidency. There will be room to polish it or repeal it & replace it with a more suitable option. Medicare of America will not return to its pre-Obamacare for sure. The passing of Obama care in the house wasn’t purely a Democratic party doing mind you. As such it will needed to be reviewed from iot present ObamaEgoCare status to a more functionally independently sustainable scheme.

        8) You need a bit of clarity here. When Ryan said, “Obamacare takes $716 billion from Medicare to spend on Obamacare.” Ryan isn’t claiming that Obamacare ‘siphons’ off $716 billion from Medicare, to the detriment of Medicare beneficiaries. He is actually saying that this money ‘presumably’ saved through reducing over-payments to insurance companies shouldn’t even exist in the first place. But better still it could be better spent than to dump it into another sink-hole in Medicare.
        The whole idea of cutting waste fraud, abuse, and eliminating inefficiencies in the system is to reduce cost and make available fund for other laudable usage. Now that is why Ryan’s budget plan keeps those same cuts, but directs them toward tax cuts for potential employers (rich) so jobs could be created and of course to deficit reduction.

        9) “And then they put this new Obamacare board in charge of cutting Medicare each and every year in ways that will lead to denied care for current seniors.” If I recollect correctly function of the The Board, or IPAB, tasked with making binding recommendations to Congress for lowering health care spending, should Medicare costs exceed a target growth rate, was one of the changes made by congress to the original bill forwarded by Obama. It was a safe measure by Congress to ensure close monitoring of the escalating projections of Medicare. Hence Congress can accept the savings proposal or implement its own ideas through a super majority.

        (10) (11) (20) Face it, Obamacare has issues that must be tackled or it will be another huge figure on the US deficit budgeting list of items in less than a decade.

        (12) (13) “Eight out of 10 businesses, they file their taxes as individuals, not as corporations.” I expect issues of figures to be disputed by all because everyone just picks the figures that suit them. Obama’s campaign is really good at that bit too.

        (14) (15) (16) “The average tax rate on businesses in the industrialized world is 25 percent, and the president wants the top effective tax rate on successful small businesses to go above 40 percent.”
        Impressive! This is a potential VP that has a mind of his own, unlike Biden. Ryan came on board with ideas to be married into those Romney has.
        It has become rather laborious to explain to the Pro-Obama camp that it is not about how less or more people pay in taxes, it is about if they have jobs & wages to be taxed.
        The U.S. maybe raising historically low amounts of revenue from the corporate income tax, and may already have the second lowest effective corporate tax rate in the world. Still Obama isn’t doing enough to attract investors and create jobs. By your admission, U.S. corporations are taxed less than their foreign rivals. This directly affects the rate of investment brought into the US.
        It is such a shame that the US effective corporate tax rate is low compared to other developed economies but this doesn’t reflect in the rate of foreign investment it attracts.

        (17) (18) “So they proposed a $478 billion cut to defense to begin with. Now we have another $500 billion cut to defense that’s lurking on the horizon. They insisted upon that cut being involved in the debt negotiations, and so we have a $1 trillion cut.” Ryan has frequently gotten in hot water for criticizing President Obama for the very same defense cuts that he voted for in 2011.
        This is absurd! Because he voted for a cut in 2011, he can’t refuse to accept further cuts in 2012?
        “If these cuts go through, our Navy will be the smallest – the smallest it has been since before World War I.”
        PolitiFact rated this claim as “Pants on Fire,” noting that “a wide range of experts told us it’s wrong to assume that a decline in the number of ships or aircraft automatically means a weaker military.” I’m no expert but even I know a weaker & smaller US armed forces means two things for the US; a less influential US in the world & more unemployment.
        But then we have always known that Obama wants a weaker & engaging US military, and clearly he intends to achieve this even if it means creating less jobs for Americans.

        19) “Look at what they’re doing through Obamacare with respect to assaulting the religious liberties of this country. They’re infringing upon our first freedom, the freedom of religion, by infringing on Catholic charities, Catholic churches, Catholic hospitals.”

        Forcing Religious institutions to make a definite choice in this regard actually “violate the conscience” of the individuals within that religious community. The community thus takes the decision for any particular individual who might particularly wish different at a specific point in time. I bet you haven’t considered that?

        21) “We should not have called Bashar Assad a reformer when he was turning his Russian-provided guns on his own people.” In March 2011, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton noted that “many of the members of Congress of both parties who have gone to Syria in recent months have said they believe he’s a reformer.” However, she did not endorse their view.
        His point exactly, Obama is endorsing Assad when he leads the world in believing Assad is a reformed.
        (22) (23) “When Barack Obama was elected, they had enough fissile material — nuclear material to make one bomb. Now they have enough for five.”
        This isn’t misleading and it doesn’t have to be proven, it based on simple arithmetic worked out from the point the were at a specif point in time & the stage they could be at this point in time. Nothing about Iran is certain & speculation is the cautious norm. You agree… “Nothing about Iran now has enough fissile material,”…. Then you contradict yourself… “but (Iran) has not yet enriched to the necessary level for a weapon.”

        If as the Institute for Science and International Security says …“it would take Iran more than two months to produce that amount if it started with 20%- grade uranium, and ‘several months’ to make enough for a bomb using low-enriched uranium. That would give the world community enough time to detect the operation and organize a response, ISIS noted in June.”
        Then Ryan has every right to speculate and lead our perception, because no one really knows but all speculate.
        “[Iran is] racing toward a nuclear weapon.” Israeli and American intelligence officials aren’t so sure.

        24) “We don’t want to do is give our allies reason to trust us less [by announcing a withdrawal timeline for Afghanistan].” It’s unclear how our allies would trust us less since they too agreed to the timeline. As Biden pointed out.
        “That’s a bizarre statement. .. Forty-nine of our allies — hear me — 49 of our allies signed on to this position.”
        How can you call this a bizarre statement? 49 isn’t all, is it. Some allies did not like the withdrawal & you might be aware that the timeline is still being queried by even allies that supposedly signed in on it mainly because they would have looked bad not wanting a withdrawal when the Uncle Sam calls for one.

  10. Of course I’m reading this. There are two fallacies (at least two) contained in your last post. First, that we are right where we started four years ago. When Obama was inaugurated, he inherited an economy that was shedding 700,000 jobs a month. An auto industry that was on the verge of elimination. And a financial industry that was on the verge of collapse. Today, the auto industry survives, along with the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of jobs that depend on it. The financial sector did not meltdown. Yes, Obama should have done more to punish those who caused the “Great Recession,” but I’ll take the survival of our economy over punishing those responsible any day. We now have health care that ensures people with pre-existing conditions will be ensured and that virtually every American will have health insurance — which means those who have insurance will no longer be paying for the health care of those who don’t. He, finally, ended DADT. He signed the Lily Ledbetter Act which provides for a greater opportunity for women to get equal pay for equal work. He ended the “Iraq War.” He ended government sanctioned torture. Issued the go ahead to kill OBL and many other al Qaeda leaders, many more in his four years than his predecessor in eight years. Imposed tougher sanctions on Iran than his predecessor. Ended the prior administration’s ban on stem cell research. Put simply, the idea that we are no further along than we were four years ago is a fallacy and ignores facts and reality. If we were no further along, the auto industry in America would be destroyed and we would be in a massive depression brought about by the destruction of the financial industry.
    The second fallacy … that Obama was in control simply because he had a majority in both houses. Yasniger … please, really? The Dems never had a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate and without it, the party of “no” was able to block anything they wanted. The rules of the Senate provide a number of tools that allow the minority to block anything and everything they want. The filibuster. Holds. And who knows what else. The reality is that, given the Republicans stated desire of defeating him regardless of what it meant for the country, it’s amazing what he actually accomplished.

    With all of that said … I have a proposal for you … let’s start a new blog. You and me … debating the issues.

    1. Absolutely none of those things you classify as gains wouldn’t have still gone through without Obama & some of those you even consider as gains are not so, in my own estimation.

      Your ‘fallacy’; is assuming your classification of gains agree with mine.

      Yes sir, the US is literally where it was four year back. When Obama was cheered into office after trashing the weakest candidate ever fielded by Republicans, the depressive world economy was just emerging & naturally he inherited an economy that was shedding lots of jobs. Though he had majorities in capital hill for the 1st two of his four years, nothing has changed. Americans are still losing jobs & worse still, those who lost jobs aren’t getting new ones. This is where you start to quote those figures, that strangely agree that not enough has been done. That, I believe, is what Obama is trying to fix (When) he gets another four years, four years later.

      Do you honestly believe the auto industry would have collapsed under the Republicans? It would have waxed stronger than it has today. So don’t play that old ‘What was wouldn’t have been’ sci-fi game with that issue.

      Right now the financial industry isn’t healthy but stable, it ought to have been healthy & doing the marathon by now. Today, the auto industry is just surviving when it should be expanding & creating millions more jobs alongside other sectors of the economy.

      It is down right illogical to conclude that the financial sector would have collapsed if Obama hadn’t won. It is this mass media & Hollywood advocated Messiah-like imagery of this presidency that has made it impossible for the electorate to see anything other than the picture of perfect Obama, talking smoothly & doing no wrong. Its like a movie.

      It is obvious that Obama couldn’t do much to punish those who caused the “Great Recession”, without breaking the law himself. So don’t go there & try to make he look like some God-like Grace & Mercy giver. That’s not fair! It was a method that failed woefully with his plans for Quantanamo too.

      You know by now about my soft spot for ObamaCare. We had discuss this health care extensively already & I’ll only add here that what good is this scheme if it does not endure beyond Obama’s presidency, not because it isn’t a laudable idea but because it isn’t sustainable in the long run. It NEEDS to be repackaged or expunged & replaced with a more suitable scheme that will indeed ensure ‘that virtually every American will have health insurance’.

      One thing is certain, if either parties win or lose… (& I rarely use if, I prefer when, because I’ve since admitted this election is Obama’s to lose & not Romney’s to win). The US public health care scene will never be the same. The beating ObamaCare is getting across the US, before it got passed & after it came on stream, says as much. Even Obama knows he has to do somethings to it, to make it sustainable.

      This is where I know we’ll NEVER agree. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell…is a military policy that shouldn’t be treated like a civilian one. It is a travesty that Obama played politics with DADT… Have you for a bit considered what it would be like to have an ‘involved’ or married couple in the same fighting unit, under fire in a battle? Well, one spouse looks out for the other spouse firstly, to the detriment of the rest of the unit. Water that down to other minor instances within the highly physical & pressured atmosphere of the military & you’ll begin to grasp why the military have peculiar rules. Theirs is a peculiar environment where killing & dying is not only usual, but normal & part of the job.

      The Lily Ledbetter Act was a very popular bill across the board, it was only timely convenient that Obama will get to preside over its passage. That’s another thing that would have still happened, regardless. Same thing as Obama ‘ending’ the Iraq War, these were bound to happen anyway.

      Government sanctioned torture… Another one of those things you call gain but I think it just a joke. Obama’s government sanctions the killing of men almost weekly with drones based on merely phoned in intel & Obama get skirmish over roughing up some captured terrorist for intel that has helped in no small measure in forestalling more terrorist attacks? Come on man! This is hypocritical. I agree that ‘Water boarding’ shouldn’t have come into the public domain but it is necessary. How do you expect these men, who were willing to die for their believes? You expect them to give up valuable intel when they are given lots of hugs & kisses? No you prefer their rights are read to them inside an American court? No! This must be it… Fly in with choppers, grab them & shoot them, then give them a befitting religious burial, before dumping their remains in the ocean? Obama did that with OBL… So what’s that?!

      Osama Bin Laden would have been caught eventually… It was a matter of time. Again Obama takes the credit like he flew the chopper that stalled during the mission. That’s some general’s credit, believe me. Same goes for the killing many other Al Qaeda leaders. The noose put in place by the Bush administration simply tightened over time & these men were only going to hang in due course. Their hiding places shrank.

      These Imposed tougher sanctions on Iran is funny. Iran knows today that the US will never strike it under Obama. It wasn’t sure under his predecessor. Bottom line… Iran is having a field day, its influence waxing stronger with its big buddies in China & Russia, calling up a bolder Assad to join the party. Have you seen Iranian TV recently, they’re almost campaigning for Obama to get re-elected.

      When Bush administration’s halted stem cell research, it was specific as to why it did; potential abuse of such vital scientific gains. And the projection was to perfect a system to curtail such abuse before it could go ahead. Obama played politics with a very sensitive research & the jury is out on that one. We’ll know belatedly (Unfortunately) if Bush’s wary steps were necessary or if Obama’s rashness is foolhardy.

      I had to read your point about Obama not having a majority in its first two years twice! To say Obama did not have a majority is true & you know it. You’re trying to ignore clear out facts. This is the same house split numbers Bush had to work with in the last two years of his tenure. If Obama was not in control of his majority it must have because the novelty of his presidency wasn’t entirely famous in his party too. Did the Democrats have a numerical majority? They did. The absence of a ‘filibuster-proof majority’ in the Senate didn’t stop ObamaCare did it & by your own admission, Obama supposedly did a lot still. Please don’t make excuses where they don’t exist.

      Obama’s unpopularity showed through in the very next congressional elections & the hard run he is having now, in this elections speaks volumes too. It may not be now, but it will come to pass that Obama is not representing the aspiration of the founding fathers of the US as the land of the free & the home of the brave.

      It has been wonderful having this written debates with you and I totally love your proposal of starting a joint new blog, strictly for debating these issues like we have been doing. But I’ve only one condition; we copy & post all we’ve written thus far as our first & early posts on this new joint blog.

      Other than that, Please do Make it happen.

      Cheers My friend.

  11. I think the only way to respond to your last comments is to ask you a simple question. What would you have had Obama do differently over the past four years?
    I have to say this though … this debate may not last much longer from my end. It is statements like this “it will come to pass that Obama is not representing the aspiration of the founding fathers of the US as the land of the free & the home of the brave.” Besides the name-calling crap, I’m also pretty much done with people who challenge the patriotism and love of country of those who they disagree with. I’ll never challenge Mitt Romney’s fundamental goodness. I’ll never challenge his patriotism. It is, in fact, possible and preferable to be able to debate issues without going there. Are you up to it? Can you do this without the personal attacks, not just on me, as your fellow debater, but also on the people and policies we discuss?
    Back to the specifics … Lilly Ledbetter … McCain opposed the bill, how can you say it would have happened if he had been elected?
    I didn’t say Obama didn’t have a majority … what I said was that he didn’t have a filibuster-proof majority. And the Republicans used the filibuster threat to their fullest advantage. You’re right that Bush accomplished things with the same kind of numbers when he was President … only difference is that he didn’t have an opposition party that was united in its determination to see him fail. You simply cannot ignore that the Republican party, ever since January 2009, has been united in its opposition to Barack Obama and has used every tool available to it to see that he doesn’t succeed.
    Auto industry … we can just agree to disagree on this. But, let’s be real about why Republicans favored a “managed bankruptcy” (although, oddly enough, they support the first round of auto bailout when it was GWB proposing it). Through a bankruptcy they could have broken their contracts with the unions, destroyed pensions and health care benefits. It is this type of effort that has led to the deterioration of the middle class in the U.S. There was a time when companies took care of their employees and the government provided a safety net — the combination provided security to employees to be able to grow into the middle class that powered the U.S. economy for the last 60 years. Take away the security of the safety net, eliminate pensions and benefits, lay off employees because the bottom line is more important than anything else, and you have the gradual erosion of the middle class, the consumer class that is so critical to the continued success of our country. You see … the auto bailout actually provides a great example of the difference between the Republican and Democrat view in America these days. I’d prefer living in a world where we recognize we’re in this together, that the greater good demands security and opportunity for all, rather than survival of the fittest, I’ve got mine, go get yours yourself. If the middle class isn’t strengthened and secured, the economic turmoil of the last few years is nothing compared to what is to come. Republican policies do nothing to strengthen the middle class.

    1. Mr KingMidget….,

      I doubt if you’re up to this. I so much want to answer your ‘simple question’, (What would you have had Obama do differently over the past four years?) But I will not even start tackling it until I correct your perception of what is & what is not “Personal attacks”! If this debate is to last any longer AT ALL you’ve to get used to statements like this.

      What do you think you are doing when you say: “Romney lies?” You’re insulting the man! Most time this is not even insinuated but said out blatantly. When I said …“it will come to pass that Obama is not representing the ASPIRATIONS of the founding fathers of the US as the land of the free & the home of the brave.” I am not talking crap!

      He is making the US look cowardly in the face of the world right now with his foreign policy of “leading from Behind” in the middle east…. Is that brave? His domestic policies are literally putting in place more government control than business freedom….. is that free?

      I just heard Obama say he believes free enterprise is the back bone of the economy & then went ahead to say he will give equal opportunity to all… Little wonder he is failing on the economy. I’m pretty sure if I said he “Lied”….because that is not remotely possible, you will take offense.

      I did not challenge Obama’s patriotism and his love for his country, in fact I think quite the opposite. I think he loves all Americans too much and forgets he has to offend some of them for the better good of the country.

      Feel free to challenge Mitt Romney’s fundamental goodness, actually, you do that each time you call him a liar or his policies a fraud. You challenge his patriotism when you insinuate he is planning to shortchange the ordinary American & hand over a free hand to big business.

      Like I said if you are not up to this, I understand. A political debate is not for the mild heart… Obama appear to have learned that from the last debate, seeing that he has raised his game in this latest one. (His VP must have given him some pointers on how to be braw-lish) And more importantly, sweet Candy handed him a bar or two once or twice, like Joe got some freebies too when he was ‘allowed’ to take on Ryan.

      So I’ll throw your question right back at you; Are you up to it? Can you continue to do this with the honest non-abusive attacks that fringe on personal but are completely policy based?

      If you can, then by all means we can proceed. If not, let’s give it a rest. That will be such a pity because this new Debate is “Virgin land” for us & I had my hopes up on the Joint Blog thing you proposed.

      Be Safe, regards to your family.

  12. Let’s go back to your original post here … At the conclusion of tonight’s debate, President Obama accurately described it as his grandfather who had access to the GI Bill … this is why the mainstream media ignored the “horribleness” of the quote you posted here … because they realized it was a slip of the tongue.

    1. You keep missing the point. He said it and didn’t refute it until it was found out to be incorrect and then it was clarified as a slip of the tongue.

      It wasn’t a lie, just as Romney is not a liar….
      Be warned! That is a trick question.

  13. See my comment on your most recent post … there are facts that back up the suggestion that Romney has lied as he runs for President. Your assertions are not based on facts, or at least not any that you have provided. Here’s an example … you say that Obama stands for more governmental control and less business freedom. But … you provide absolutely no specifics to back up the statement. This is why the debate is impossible. I’ve provided you with several examples of Romney’s lies. Here’s your chance to provide actual facts to support your view of Obama. No, Yasniger, the question is … are you up to it? 🙂

  14. Yasniger … I’ve read all of your comments. I find virtually no specifics to back up what are conclusory statements. I offered you an opportunity to provide those specifics several times. Each time, instead of providing specifics, you turn it around on me. It appears that when I question you for specifics you view that as being critical. How can that be? I’ll say it one more time … you are right, me calling Romney a liar could appear to be an attack. However, I provided at least three examples of what I believe are clearly stated lies on his part. I rose to the challenge. As a result, it’s not a personal attack, it’s a factually based claim. I’m still waiting for your response to my challenges: What would you have had Obama do differently over the past four years? Where’s the evidence he is for governmental control and loss of business freedom? Those are two questions I’ve asked that you’ve refused to answer.

    1. I think you have finally come to terms with the fact that you don’t have a strong case when it comes to issue concerning policies.

      All ready Obama has wasted four years with only a deficit twice what he inherited, reduced growth in the economy & less jobs created. Gov. Romney has the advantage in this regard.

      Because you know this, you have insisted in veering this argument in the direction of their personalities and lies and that sort of thing. I have enabled you enough and I have chosen to ignore any reference to the personalities of both candidates. As we go ahead. Stick around will you.

    1. That’s what we finally learn he meant to say. But that’s after some smart-Alec had worked out it out it “must have been an error”…. ideal

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