Down the mountain

IV: Noble is not always sensible

‘Noble is not always sensible
Or every sacrifice reasonable.
Be careful, for what you wished, Other choices are also missed.’


Pictures used with the kind permission of Tracie Louise

14 thoughts on “WHAT DO YOU TELL A SON? ~ (PART 4)

  1. Please don’t use my images without asking first and without crediting and linking back to my site. I have never said no to anyone who asked to use my images… but I do require a link back to my site, and full credit for the image.

    1. Once again, please do accept my apologies! I’ve always made it a point to acknowledge & credit all written materials I use!

      The free blogging facility had made available appropriate soft wear provisions that instantly link up all pictures & video posted on any of its blogs to their original points of origin. Each of these items are thus automatically ‘tagged’, through-out their existence, to their point of origin. It is a digital material after all & can only be handle as such on the net!

      That notwithstanding, I should have known better than to use your work without letting you know & also provide a link to your post. I regret this & will endeavour to at least correct the link part.

      While we’re on this topic, to protect your interest further as well as limit incidences of such ‘mistakes’ as mine, you might also look up provisions to prohibit unauthorised copying of your pictures. I don’t know how that is done, but I do know some pictures are somehow rendered impossible to copy.

      Thank you & so sorry!

      1. Like I said… I have never once said no to anyone who asks first. I actually love people using my images, but I do require a link back. I did click on the pic to see if it linked back to my site, but it did not.

        Thank you for being understanding. I’m not sure that there is anyway to be totally protected, as “where there is a will, there is a way” when it comes to digital material.

        But just as I am sure you wouldn’t enjoy accidentally stumbling upon some of your work uncredited, appearing on someone else’s site.. I was quite shocked and surprised to find mind.

        I am flattered that you liked it enough to use it.. and feel free to use my work in future, just drop me a note and let me know first.

        Thanks again for understanding.

  2. First, you and Tracie are two of my favorite people on here (or out of here). I’m glad you guys talked about this. I would have been heartbroken if you hadn’t worked it out.

    Second, Yas this is an astounding piece of work. My God, the images and the depth with which you told this story. I rocked me. So very well done, my friend…quite stunning.

    Third, HAVE YOU GOTTEN MY LETTER YET? Getting worried about your postal service (or mine maybe, who knows). Hoping you see my chicken scratch in the next day or so.

    Congratulations again, this is brilliantly done.


    1. Oh I really goofed there, didn’t I? Tracie is such a gem… A mightily talented one too!

      It hurts me to have caused her some displeasure. But I’m truly better for it.

      Sure you mailed me a letter? I don’t know what happened! I’ve a paid post office box & I’m beginning to worry my lock will answer back angrily at me and tell me to ‘butt off’, the next day its opened “six times a day”!

      Yep! That how EXPECTANT I’m! Sure your chicken scrawls didn’t come to live & decide to walk over?

      Ha ha ha ha! Just kidding. I’m sure it’ll come in soon. Will let you know! Bless you!

  3. Oh my…you now have me worried. I promise, it’s on it’s way, should have been there already. I’m so concerned now. I am gutted to think you would not get it. Please yes, tell me as soon as you do get it. If not in the next day or so, I fear I will lose all faith.
    Bless you too my friend

    1. Its just being delayed! Don’t forget we had some serious unrest here & things are just getting back to normal, with the curfew eased to 6pm – 6pm just this week. Lots of the usual delivery services just resumed early this week. I expect it should be in soon. Have faith.

      1. Ok…I will have faith. At least until I dont’! haha. anxiously awaiting word that you have gotten it.

  4. A satisfying and appropriately lonely conclusion. There is a nobility within your protagonist that formed independent of the savage ghouls she grew up with. Maybe it was a product of the rejection she experienced because she had not been claimed? This was a unique story from start to finish. Tell me, if you would be so kind, are these villages based off of actual ones you researched, or stumbled upon? Or are they completely fictional? I’d love to know more about the construction of this piece. Well done. A treat to read. A bittersweet treat from start to finish.

    1. Entirely fictional! But I got the idea from two things really; a smooth high rock in the outskirts of Abuja, the Nigerian capital city, called Zuma rock, which had some European mountain climbing visitors & an article I read about a primitive naked tribe resident in the high plateau of north-eastern Nigeria, the Koma people.

      I threw in the already written poem about key life’s lessons to a young man & presto, the tale!

      Sorry if it isn’t as dramatic as you hoped but that’s it! I’m sincerely flattered by the attention you’ve given this story! Thanks!

      1. A story doesn’t need to have a dramatic ending, a sad one, lonely, cliche, tired, blah blah blah. A story must have a satisfying ending, free of cheap twists and insulting conclusions that shit on the resolution and finishing results. Your story is satisfying through and through. This is the greatest work of yours I have read to date. Bravo.

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