Crust is land,
Human is man,
Spirit is God.

Aging like land,
New like man,
Old like God.

Produced by land,
Ate by man,
Owned by God.

Waste to land,
Health to man,
Breath to God.

Marbled in land,
Wealth in man,
Might in God.

Stench of land,
Sweet of man,
Grace of God.

Spoilt as land,
Doomed as man,
Certain as God.

Rotten the land,
Wretched the man,
Right THE GOD.


A step after another and I walk,
Letters make the words I talk.
As easily simple, I rely on these;
Bringing all of man to his knees.

What`s What


New and true,
Join the queue.
Feathered noise,
Scared poise.

Seed and food,
Never alive nude.
Glamorous pecker,
Gainful trekker.

Stable innocence,
Ebbing confidence.
Richer dreams,
Rehearsed screams.

Ever its so,
The esteem low.
Desiring more,
The future sure.

Suddenly it matter,
What is the starter;
Egg so stricken
Or miserable chicken?


12 thoughts on “POEMS: Rotten, Wretched and Right, Reliance & The Egg and The Chicken

    1. Glad that you do Jeremy. I know its all kind of old fashioned, a huge preferance of mine. Would love to know what you think of more of my efforts when you can spare the time. Thanks

    1. Good question; Why must it be evolution or God?

      We seem to be taught these completely separate parallels are competing opposites! Check & see what schools the world over are teaching the young!

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