What future is there?

On this very sad Father`s day in my home city of Kaduna Nigeria, where three seperate bomb blasts had killed a number of innocent worshippers inside their respective churches during morning service, starting off a spade of angry vengeful violence, I suddenly recall an old conversation I had with my late father about two decades ago.

He had wanted to know what I thought our country would be like in a decade. That was in 1993 and I thought I was being clever when I said; Our country will be a land our founding fathers would be very proud of in ten years time.

I was so wrong and in a strange sort of way, I am so glad my father did not live long enough to see how wrong I was. It would have killed yet again to see the mess Nigeria has become. This land he had taught me to love and cherish like he did, is today the very opposite of what our founding fathers wanted it to be.


Baba, mutuwa na da wuya?
Mun amince duniyar ka da wuya.

Father, is it hard to die?
We acknowledge the hassles of your world.
With life’s wards always roams a lie;
We all are reproductions of its mould.

Choking in the presence of its grip,
The inscrutable crux not familiarized.
Do we sit out the stages of its trip,
Like your peaceful love that wasn’t recognized?

From the weep the baby wails
To the whip’s lashes life hails,
These tastes we own and inherit.
Say oh father, is there better to merit?

23 thoughts on “A FATHER TODAY

  1. Nigeria breaks my heart everyday…these senseless bomb blasts have become a Sunday ritual yet our leaders sit back amassing and looting wealth…wealth too grand for their many generations to com. Unfortunate what this nation has become…unfortunate.

    1. It is such a sad tale of waste! It hurts to even think about it. Today we just watch with folded arms as only the innocent mourn this madness, as the more powerful guilty elite continue to make a pointless case! Pathetic & annoying!

  2. very sad beginning indeed! sometimes being in the states…I forget how not every country’s father’s day begins as peaceful as mine. thank you for sharing and sometimes the only thing more powerful than violence…is hope. never give up hope!

    1. Hope is found in the prevailing circumstances that make up the present, my friend. Yes, we will not lose hope, when we find it! Thank you for sharing our pain. Pray for us

    1. Thank you Ruth, for your comment & especially your prayers! We have found our beloved country burdened with its own self-afflicted troubles. Only prayers can stir our inner desire to be true to our being & make us face our real issues….our Selfishness & our Pretence! God bless you dear

  3. It appears the whole world is falling apart. If it’s not violence, it’s financial or not carrying about the citizens of a country. Keep the faith. I have hope that things will improve – slowly, too slowly, but someday.

    1. Jerry, it is frightening how complex the mere act of surviving daily has become. Everyday seems to get worse than the previous one, slowly. We only keep faith with the dream but not the reality. Surely we hope for the best because it is only natural we should.

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