To me, the real beauty in blogging is having persons of like minds limitlessly partake in their favourite pastime of writing and reading. If we can do this and also make lots of incredibly smart friends while at it, then indeed it is a beautiful thing.

I extend my sincere thanks to a very special person, who indeed personifies the beauty of blogging in every regard, for nominating me with the Beautiful Blogger Award.

It is only fitting that such a beautifully minded individual should list me amongst her nomination for this award. Beauty brings forth beauty. I feel elated, proud and humbled at the same time. This award is even more special because in was given to me by Rhonda:

Swords & Pistols
As I rake in more of these nominations (Awards), it is getting quite overwhelming and one is conscious that it could also get heady and lead to an overconfidence in the value of one`s work.

I thus feel the need to invite a lot more criticism of my efforts, so that I can improve on them as well as my overall writing skills. It is important to me that I do a good job of putting out my creative thoughts to enable my readers both comprehend and enjoy my creations in every ramification I reveal them in.

My ultimate objective of being a successful writer can only be achieved if my creativity matches my abilities in expressing them and that is the part a blogging community can play for me in particular and other writers in general.

So people, unsheathe the swords and do not holster those loaded pistols you are keeping in check and let fly those constructive criticisms. By all means, do not dispense with the friendly and encouraging chit-chats. Every emerging talent needs a nudge of encouragement to spur them on at their early nursing stage. Still let us know when we are wrong and doing badly, when we are being unconvincing and also what we could and ought to do better.

So to my delightful friend Rhonda I extend my gratitude for this nomination. She has a wonderful blog that helps without making a fuss about it and you would love her overtly steadfast perspective and sincere critique of everyday issues, garnished with humor and a mature sense of well being. I recommend her dose of logic any day!

To comply with the provisions of this nomination, I am expected to nominate 7 blogs too. This, I will do with some effort because there are so many wonderful blogs to choose from. I will however make an effort to nominate some of the ones I had only recently fallen in love with.

My Seven
Breyonnamelicia: The simplicity of her poems disguises the force they are packed full of!

Peter Kerry Powers: You will want to read him repeatedly and then definitely write too!

Southernwild: The saying goes; Southerners are Wild, and this one truly is!

Sheila Hurst: Description is never fully done and here is another reason why!

Camgal: Delightfully fresh and so youthful in a strangely quite mature way!

Allthingsboys: There is more to things than are said or told, seen or show!

Veehaunanifitzhugh: A lot of things get written but a lot more comes across unsaid, yet as clearly!

These are great blogs and you will do well to drop in on them!

Now if you seven nominees choose to accept, copy and post the award icon to your blogs, provide a link to your nominee, then nominate any other seven blogs you would like to recognize, and let them know you have nominated them.

28 thoughts on “THE TRUE BEAUTY IN BLOGGING: Another Award

    1. Thank you Boomie & I am accepting this award, even though I am a guy!

      Is it the way I write or the stuffs I choose to write about that makes a lot people assume I must be a girl?

      Now for the tough part. What does a guy do with a dress he can not wear?

      1. Oh my I am so so sorry, I swear i thought you were a girl…now i am so embarrased, I wonder why i thought that….shame on me…i really just wanted to show support…you don’t have to accept it i promise…i am so terribly sorry if i offended you in anyway.

      2. Ok… I have removed your blog and put someone else’s. I hope that’s ok, sorry again for that. I actually initially thought you were male but i guess somewhere i assumed otherwise and assumed wrong. Apologies again..meant no wrong :). Thanks

      3. Oh…. No offence dear! Not in the least! I was trying to be funny & inquisitive at the same time! Sorry if I passed that on wrongly!

        I’ve recently had quite a number of instances where I was mistaken for a female writer & I assumed it had to be because of the way I write or the kind of material I put out; I just wanted your take on that!

        Once more than you for the ‘Award’. It is so kind & thoughtful of you. Thanks

  1. A fine job, well done. I’m not trying to troll you when I say this- were you taking a kind of arrogant tone for effect? Or were you being arrogant on purpose? Or, did I miss something and I’m way off?

    1. TheDisfigured! You are kind of vague my friend. I had no intention of being arrogant. I meant no insult whatsoever & actually do want my work seen as an unfinished piece work, looking for honest imputs to make it a much better piece. Thanks

      1. You know, I didn’t think you did. I should have listened to my gut. I wasn’t implying that you were ungrateful, or annoying. Sorry for any confusion.

  2. Congrats YAS! Thanks for the award also. I will accept it as soon as I find the award icon which I’m supposed to copy & paste on my blog 🙂 Much love- Camgal

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