What you see

This is yet another gripping, thought invading and yet simple compositions. It speaks of an identity we all crave for but few of us really do stand up for.

Exciting piece!

Simple words

I am tired of apologizing for being me

I  can alter my ways just to give you

the respect you deserve

but I won’t change me

This is me,

My right

My life

My culture

It  is who I am

Accept me

Respect  me

or just

Forget me

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… Wait …

It is always a delight to stumble into something gripping in its expression but quite simple in its presentation as this!

Totally enjoyable!



Is it a dream, or is it for real ?

Do I foresee or am I just Idle?

I lost my words in a sea of hopelessness and

Sang with tears in my eyes in a bath filled with liquor. 

The truth was far from implicitness, and closer to being spoken too often

I could soar in a field of lies and not feel a thing … 

Or travel for miles and feel not the existence of an entity.


I lost my emotions to the one I let loose the chains of my aorta for.

A choice for which I shall sit and wait for its produce.

Till then …




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