I had the strangest experience that I would love to share with you just as it happened. Usually I dress up this experiences of mine as a story or a poem, but this once I chose to tell it as it is and leave the creative visualization to you.

I was reading a beautiful post; Moths to a Flame (Posted on May 28, 2012 by and out the blue I literally found myself living & experiencing his illustration in the most simplest of forms.


“What specifically is a moth ball, and should one be surrounded by so many of them in such a small space?” she ponders.

“Meemaw! Are moth balls related to asbestos?”

“Yes, dear.”

“Oh, no,” she groans.

As her skin begins to crawl and her lungs begin to implode, she finds an unmistakable Tiffany & Co. creme blue box.

Instantly forgetting her brush with death, she opens the ring size package.

She gasps and runs to show her grandmother the unexpected treasure.

Meemaw opens the box, pales, drops it to the counter, and quickly leaves the room without looking at or speaking to her.

Her granddaughter follows her to the hall, where she finds Meemaw weeping soundlessly against the wall nearest the kitchen.

“Caroline, call your-”

She gasps and falls.

She never sees her awake again

Then the weirdest thing happened, just as I finished ‘Moths to a flame’. It is the middle of the raining season here in my tropical abode & lots of insects converge at the slightest glimmer of light. We have the most epileptic public power supply system in the entire west coast of Africa, even though we are by far the wealthiest country in the sub-region.

So there was I, sitting only an arms length away from my glowing candle & reading this brief but very engaging post on my cute little smart phone. And just when I read that powerful ending & tried to visualise the exit of life from a resisting soul……. and presto! A Moth actually flew into my candle flame and became toast!

Now how weird is that!