“In faith I betray.”
“My faith I fail to say.”
“I put cost to my trust.”
“Mine in fear I just lost.”

“Silver pieces I sowed.”
“An ear my dagger mowed.”
“Son of man amidst us I show.”
“Son of God amongst us grow.”

“The master I so truly know.”
“To His end I didn’t follow.”
“One of the dozen chosen.”
“A special place I was given.”

“I failed myself not He.”
“It was as it was to be.”
“And my life I chose to kill.”
“After my tears, I humbled my will.”


Saved as caught fishes,
Within their own wishes;
To leave waters so free,
Entrapped in fine twines.
Enslaved, seasoned free;
Saved from these times.


It was the morning,
She was wide awake.
Eating rich breakfast pudding,
Picking the latest buy to make.

Her thoughts wonder before;
When cold, homeless and hungry,
Fasting and praying away her woe,
With God’s long wait she was angry.

Obedient as humanly possible,
Obvious promises she had made.
In luxury and comfort she’s unable
To live up, as time altered the shade.

In tears and sweat teeth gnash,
Bearing man’s trials on hand.
Fear of the unknown so harsh,
As pride sits on faith so hard.

Man seek the great illusion,
Misspelling the obligation to live.
Shunning God, His only illumination.
Evil backwards only says Live!


The tale of two lives;
All one to a person gives.
A life of haves and receives,
Another of wants, needs and lives.
Living able and able who gives.

(A very famous trial ahead of fashion)

“Wake up, you’re dead.
What says your plea?”
“Pray, I am in bed.
You come and flee.”

“Arise, you sleep not.
Your dreams all end.”
“Pardon, my reason is rot.
I am no fiend.”

“I ask not for I know.
State your stewardship?”
“To those above I, I bow.
For those beneath I, I reap.”

“Did they smile above,
Were they glad beneath?
“With every pain I solve,
With every single breath.”

“What of all the lands
And all that is of it?”
“With my mind and hands
I cared for every bit.”

“What of I, thy Lord?
Did thee walk My path?”
“I knew not only one word,
Couldn’t tell lie from fact.”

12 thoughts on “POEMS: Judas; Peter, Saved, Live, Tale & Avant Garde, Cause Célèbre

  1. I really like the Judas, Peter poem. Contrasts. Good and evil always so close together. Thanks.

  2. Sorry I’ve not been visiting lately. I seem to have missed alot. Once again, your words are beautiful. These were fantastic to read, and I love the imagery!

    1. The strangest thing just happened right now!

      I just looked in on you!! And only to return to find you had just commented on my poems,Hmmmmmmm!

      So lovely to have you following my efforts too. Makes me very unselfishly proud Thanks Dear.

      It always makes my day when you approve of something I did.

      1. awe 🙂 I have to apologize, I just got to the lucky seven award….sigh. Life is so busy at times. Thanks again for the thoughtfulness and for gracing this world with your creativity.

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