That farm only I can harvest
Of the yield I sowed as best.


Cooing as the pleasant Dove
Pairing the fairest in love,
Airing their bond skies above.

Tasty meals will gather a hunt.
What dies before dishes are burnt?
Nobody is killed, to put it blunt.

Blinking away our sorrow,
Straying wide from the narrow;
Innocence we see is shallow.

From what is pride really safe?
Or faith, trust, love yet late?
Kith, kin, sex, race or mate?

The faith a fist, given as must
And pain it opens and thrust;
Winks in its act of lethal trust.


I aspire to be a name
Certainly not a face.
I pray that my fame
Brings me real grace.

To all alive I owe;
Those dead I may too.
For the unborn I’ve a hoe,
It is for me that I sow.


Flew your thoughts with a breeze,
With a sharp whistle and ease.
In the simple flight you all live,
Winds are harsh and rain a thief.

The woven nest tops your trees,
Eggs your chicks and roofs peace.
Living is one brief lonely courtship
That wings songs it just must keep.

So Birdie, play your own flute
Like nature does to only you.
Life leaves me in my ugly soot
And I just can not be like you.

These repertoires are just you
As I continue to thrive on my loot.
Amazed why ironically unlike you
To my endowed peers I am a mute.

11 thoughts on “POEMS: Mind, Eyelids of Betrayal, Literate & Bird Talk

  1. You have so many really fascinating and memorable lines here–faith a fist, it is me that I must sow, what dies before dishes are burnt,

    The woven nest tops your trees,
    Eggs your chicks and roofs peace.
    Living is one brief lonely courtship
    That wings songs it just must keep.

    Very cool and interesting. Keep it up! K.

  2. Since you took an intrest in my poem “stuff,” I decided to read up on you a little. My poetry differs from yours and I tend to not like poems that have forced rhyme schemes. I will however say, that this poem is nice. I feel that if you actually poured your heart into this instead of focusing time on rhyming… this poem could be brilliant. I may be new to blogging, but I am not an amatuer poet. Please, instead of correcting other people’s poems, read them in as beautiful. We all chip a peice of our heart off when we write them… they are our children. So be respectful.

    1. Thank you aaron, I’m delighted you’ve taken the time to go over my work. You’ve made some very factual remarks about my work & I had put them out there for exactly that reason; to be critized! My apologies for being too forward with my remarks about you work, it was never my intention to be rude and disrespectful. I had wanted to give a sincere honest opinion but it must’ve come out wrongly, I’m sorry. I’m aware that my poems are kind of ‘old’ fashioned. But hey; to every man, his own broth! I’ve a passion for rhymes & I write a lot of them. They are more tasking to write, especially when the writer determinantly brings out his message along with the rhymes. I love your style too, like all poets should like & enjoy all styles. I only hope you understand that it wasn’t you sense of rhyming I’m faulting or indeed you poem as it is. I only wished to be the honest reader, giving you an honest feed back on my personal thoughts on your work. No offensive intent meant. Thank you for doing the same for me. Sorry, but which of my poems where particularly refering to? Pls lets keep at this. It will most rewarding. Cheers

      1. I’m very pleased at your adultness. ^_^ most people would not try to solve the problem or look at it differently when the other party points out the error. I commend you for being truthful and for writting back as you have.

        Things always are percieved in difering ways, whether intended differently or not. It’s nice to meet someone who stands behind their words, their work and all so strongly and is willing to fight to be heard correctly. It’s refreshing.

        As for your poetry, I look at poetry differently for very personal reasons. I see poetry as an extension of your heart. Emotions cannot be forced and can only be felt when they are supposed to be felt. I have nothing against rhyming poets, it’s just not my thing. Your poetry isn’t that bad, and I really can’t say much about it except It is reminicent of the older styled poets. (not a bad thing… just not my thing.) So please don’t take that as an offence, it was not meant to be taken as such.

  3. You had made a salient point in a most mature way too, I had to agree to the possibility of my initial comment being improper & say so promptly. It was more about being ‘Correct’ than being ‘Perfect’. We can always strive to be the former and never attain the latter, so I always via towards “Correct-ness”. It pleases me that you actually noted the “Adult-ness” of it (‘.:.’) These days most people lack that civility in their behavioral fabric. Many ‘Adults’ would have simply perceived this as a form of victory on their part & revel in the sheer nothingness of their momentary ego rush, not relish the sincerity on the part of the other party. I must commend you for this as well. You have edged up in status considerably in my sights.

    Indeed, you are right! We always view & perceive things differently, with our intentions being all over the place. This can’t be helped & it actually adds to the richness of what we each bring to the table. I only just started blogging in Dec 2011 & I’ve found the community to be about the most polite ever! What do you expect from Writers & Readers, eh? It has been very heart-warming to “meet” people who still give logic worthy attire. My sole criticism of the blogging community; if I dare, is its gross lack of honest critique. I understand the merit of being encouraging & all that sort of thing, but where are we if we don’t boldly tell the next person what we really think?
    You did that & I also find that refreshing & most of all, utterly truthful. Thank you for this.
    I’ll ask you to please maintain this with me, at your convenience. It will be most appreciated.

    I see ‘My poetry’ as ‘My thoughts wrought into words’. The decor I choose simply includes rhymes. In an earlier comment you had suggested I likely would miss out on making certain key points, as I strive to; as it were “Pair up rhymes”. Well, I’m very mindful of that fact & set out with making all my points in prose firstly, before painstakingly “pairing up rhymes”. Incidentally, I find the reverse is the case most times, actually. That is, the rhymes sort of make me consider making more points than I had initially set out to make. Then I have to work at not digressing.

    We might look at poetry differently for our separate personal reasons but typically, poetry is mainly an extension of ourselves. “Emotions cannot be forced and can only be felt when they are supposed to be felt.” You couldn’t be more correct. Thank you for being yourself.

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