YASNIGER awarded the VBA

My gratitude goes to james369 ; http://thewayhome.me/ for norminating me for the Versatile Blogger Award (VBA)! This is my second Blogging award. The Liebster Award was my first. Once again I feel quite honored. The recognition is inspirational and most appreciated.

Things you might like to know about me:

– I am a northern Nigerian male & I’m not hiding my identity, just not making it an issue.
– I live in Abuja, The Nigerian capital city.
– ‘Yasniger’ combines my initials ‘YAS’ & my country’s most dominant river; ‘Niger’.
– I have been writing for well over two decades.
– I read everything & I mean everything.
– I have very strong christian convictions but I’m not fanatical and a lot more logical.
– I take my writing very seriously & enjoy it tremendously.

I however still choose not post the awards’ logo conspicuiously on my blog not because I do not recognize, appreciate and value the awards but simply because it isn’t in my character to do so. The awards are mainly ‘a great way to get word out there about other blogs’ and aims to propagate the blogging community to admirable heights.

As such, by likewise awarding the VBA to 15 fellow bloggers of my chioce and leaving comments on this regard to each of these 15 bloggers to let them know they are recipeints of the VBA, I’m invariably requesting they do the same to those they also nominate. This award is thus geared towards publicizing the blogging community’s activities.

I’m proud to extend this facility to some wonderful bloggers who had given me such pleasure over these past months.

So I nominate the following blogs for the VBA;

To wordart2012 ! For exceptional artistry with words.

To truelovejunkie ! For the captivating manner feelings are expressed.

To Matthew Andrako ! For inspirational perspectives articulated insightfully.

To insidethebirdcage ! For writing about birds like nobody else would.

To philosophywithfries ! For the incisive logic expressed.

To http://subhanzein.wordpress.com/ ! For actually being a quite versatile blog.

To http://weelilwimsy.wordpress.com/ ! For her warm soothing poetry.

To http://thewanderlustgene.wordpress.com/ ! For the sheer ingenuity.

To http://lifeisanexquisitejourney/ ! For a sense of style.

To http://dystenium.ning.com/ ! For a promising internet based writers’ community.

To http://kiramorrescloset.wordpress.com/ ! For insights on gender oddities.

To http://askarchieblog.wordpress.com/ ! For bold perspectives & the grandest quotes.

To http://unduecreativity.wordpress.com/ ! For a world of continiuous discoveries.

To http://hartcartoons.com/ ! For a compelling comic series.

To http://buddhkist.wordpress.com/ ! For that insanely sensible flair.

Visit this blogs. You will find they are worth your attention and time.
Thank you following and veiwing my blog!

Yas Niger

I’ve been asked about the origin of these awards but hadn’t been quite forthcoming with good responses. I hope the following note on this award will help. Thanks.

About the VBA : james369

“In the few short months I was on a blogging hiatus, there has been a wave of awards hitting the blogosphere. The most prevalent one appears to be the Versatile Blogger Award (VBA). And I’ve been awarded one

“Being the research minded individual that I am, I tried to uncover how this award started. About 4 pages into a Google search and 3 pages in to a Bing search, I couldn’t track down the origin of the award. What I did learn was that there seemed to be several variations on how this award was carried out, ranging from the number of people the recipient then needs to nominate/award, to the 7 pieces of information the recipients divulge about themselves, and even the graphic used to display the award.

“After my exhaustive internet search about the award (hey, going past the first page of a search engine is considered exhaustive these days) I gave up and decided to embrace the award. While some bloggers seem annoyed by the award, most bloggers seem to enjoy the sense of camaraderie the award fosters. From what I’ve observed, the VBA is a way for bloggers to recognize other blogs and share a little more information about themselves to their audience.

“For those who haven’t encountered the VBA yet, here are the rules:
Thank the person who gave you this award. Include a link to their blog.
Select 15 blogs you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
Nominate these 15 bloggers for the VBA & include a link to these sites.