When I do die; and I surely will,
If you cry I will not surely heal.
When you cry, it wouldn’t purge.
If you still do, please stop I do urge.

You should laugh because of this;
I knew of this and prepared as it is.
At least I tried hard, so why the cry?
I made my best of it to say this bye.

Do not paste your perception of me
And print your story for all to see.
I curse they that make some booklet,
For my funeral service I will never let.

If I am not writing my own story,
Then no human has the right or glory.
I dare he who owes no single sorry
And desires a life long torment so gory.

Sing if you must, pray if you would,
Don’t put out my picture in some mood.
Remember me as you last saw me or see fit,
Don’t display my body without me in it.

Days’ moments after death’s end,
Do bury me quickly there and then.
Wait not for all or some sunny day,
Do only just as my true home say.

My spoils I have all so shared,
In needs as deeds I had cared.
I owe only God first not any,
I paid debts I could, every penny.

I tried living because I just must,
Though like all others, I have lost.
I craved to blink ever so ready
For that spot and time so ready.


Earth has been all angry again,
Man did upset hers again;
Like he does again and again.

His efforts in controlling has been
Fixed as to betray his weakness seen;
She’s polite, not rash as harsh in between.

But you wonder how long for,
This sea-saw ride will further go?
Calmly, then hard ends a crescendo.


Truthfully none lives all alone,
But dead as alive all has none.


Living is thwarted,
Obscured by its folly.
The mind is hunted,
Impossible even if jolly.

When a bird sings,
It’s because it must.
What any age brings
Speaks for you most.


Black like blind,
Silent as the mind.
Faith is in the act
And not in the pact.

Early all the time,
Always in its prime.
The sights are blind,
At night we all find.

So in their prime,
The nights of time;
Whiter though blind,
Says what is to find.

In whirls of a mind;
Never there to find,
Nights sure as time
Are safe for to pine.


People loose their own mark,
Showing off what they lack.
Each time brings its fear to us
And it shows in our every fuss.

Ours is made just as real,
That is not just how it feel.
For in giving what we have,
We only take like we gave.

Never really asking for trust,
For we do know what it cost.
Desire should make a picture
That should show its future.

22 thoughts on “POEMS: My Will, Crescendo, Just This Once, Age, Nightly & Pessimum

  1. These poems are thought provoking. The use of rhyme is well done. I am not sure I follow all your meanings, but I respect your willingness to try.

    Keep writing and challenging yourself to grow as you go along.

    I have grown away from rhyme, but these poems inspire me to try my hand at it again.

    Good work…

    1. I’m so willing to keep at it. It gives me great joy to do so. I’m delighted that you commented. Thank you for your kind words Jo Ann, it is a pleasure.

    1. If you see & appreciate the beauty in Poetry, then you as good a poet as the best. I have lots of stories on my blog too. Thanks for your kind words.

  2. I like your style of poetry, with the dividing titles and ending rhymes. They let the poem flow off your tongue, lending a hand in delivering your meaning. I like your stuff, its an interesting point of view.

  3. Hi. I like these two poems. They are words that make you think. Also the LIebster Award. I am unalbe to find the website that actually lists all of these. Or do I go through google? Please let me know. Thanks. I don’t believe I will get that award but it is nice award.

    1. Glad you liked the poems, thanks! The Llebster Award was a surprise to me & I’m not aware of any Website that lists the awardees. That is the reason why I refuse to put up the Award’s Rossete on my Blog, not because it isn’t authentic or appreciated but because it seems to be a mere friendly pat on the back by a fellow blogger. I’m under the impression that it is an Award given by peers in the Blogging Community to encourage and publicize their activities amongst themselves.

  4. “Don’t display my body without me in it.” I like that… pretty good stuff 🙂 Cheers ~KL

    1. That is actually my formal ‘Will’, all written and posted for all to see. What do you think of it as a whole? Lots of people think I’m mad!

      1. nah, You have to a lot farther to be mad… I wouldn’t have commented if I didn’t like it 🙂 as a whole.

      2. The idea of being buried without any fun-fair is not common amongst my community & so is being interned almost immediately after death. These are the least admired sections of ‘My Will’ for most African I guess. Europeans & Arabians would associate with this more easily however. So it makes sense that you might like the concept. Thanks for commenting, Kzackuslheur

      3. I love diverse cultures! I find my own culture has turned from the timely burial, that was always common in my youth, to a cremation for the cheeper price of the ordeal. I myself, simply don’t care. I won’t be here to make a fuss about it either. 🙂 Thanks for sharing a part of yourself, and your culture. Best ~KL

      4. I totally share the ‘I simply don’t care because I won’t be here to make a fuss’ sentiment. I do comprehend the attachment people feel towards their dead, but the fact remains that they are only just showering attention, prolonging their sorrow and displaying bodies without the people in them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this KL. Cheers

  5. Nice! I like what I have read of your blog, but this series of poems called ot me the most. Cresnendo in particular although shorter has alot of emotional impact for me! Nice stuff!

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